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Corregidor Trip

We went on a trip to Corregidor, a tadpole shaped island located 48 kilometers west of Manila.  From Manila we took an hour and half ferry ride to the island. Okay, so one of the things I noticed from ferry ride – there were more foreigners than Filipinos. Actually, there were more Japanese (most of them seniors) and Americans.

Upon arriving, the guided tour started immediately, going around the ruins of the island. The Japanese filled one bus – around twenty people. They had a japanese speaking tour guide especially for them. As for the other buses, I think    there were four to five buses with English speaking tour guides.  The tour bus

I’ll start with our tour guide – an old man, about fifty to sixty years  old who spoke with heavy Filipino accent and tried to make jokesthat  did not make us ‘laugh’. Honestly speaking, I want to go on another  tour again because the tour guide was so boring that half the time my  mind was drifting off. Like I said, he was an old man who, from my  observation, did not enjoy his job. He’s just going to say what he’s  supposed to say – bits of trivia and explanation and that’s it! I’m not bad mouthing the whole tour itself, just this one tour guide.



First stop of the tour was at the Malinta Tunnel,

Malinta Tunnel

This is the entrance to the tunnel

where we had to pay another P150 to see the lights and sounds show – a narrated account of what exactly happened at the island during World War II.


Inside the tunnel

During the lights and sounds show

According to Wikipedia (I did not listen to our tour guide again when he described the place) Malinta Tunnel  is a tunnel complex built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. It was initially used as a bomb-proof storage and personnel bunker, but was later equipped as a 1,000-bed hospital.

Lateral tunnel

Lateral tunnel












(One of the ruins in the island, I took the photo in black and white to give it the 'old' feel. Those were real cannons, by the way)













(What was left after bombing the building...)





















(Can you imagine manually operating this cannon while the island is being bombed?)











More cannons









(One of the two disappearing cannons in the island)











The tour ended at around past two in the afternoon and the bus took us to the port again where the ferry waited. Most of the tourists chose to go back to Manila, but we took another bus to the only hotel in the island, where we stayed overnight. It was a pretty old hotel and I was (again) expecting ghosts to pop in front of me every time I turn in the hallways, but no.


The only hotel in the island where we stayed overnight

The hotel offered night tours at the Malinta tunnel, specifically at the hospital. I wanted to join but since I hated walking in the dark because of poor eyesight, I had to pass. Also, the hotel offered other activities such as biking, sunset and sunrise viewing, hiking, camping adventure, birdwatching, rock balancing and island hopping.


(The japanese characters read "HEIWA TO AI" - peace and love, everyone!)

War…nothing really good comes out of it. Everyone wants peace then why do they all have to go to war to get the peace they wanted? In the end, everyone will be in mourning – from both sides with the lives that have been lost.




Wishing for a Time Machine

Currently listening to 80’s ballads…I had no idea songs back then were that good! Easy listening, words from the heart…why wasn’t I born during that time? Track 8 just ended, HELLO by Lionel Richie, next up is HERE AND NOW by Luther Van Dross. This just makes my heart melt.  My Why aren’t songs now written like this? Songs today are just full of…can we say angst? No, make it full of crap! The more profanity it contains, the more famous it is. Don’t get me wrong here, I also like some songs from this ‘age’ but not enough to memorize each and every word of the song and buy the album and idolize the artist who made it famous. And yes, I hate rap. Like I said, the more profanity it contains, especially if the song is about sex, it becomes famous overnight. What is the world going to now?

I have to thank Marina for downloading all the songs and compiling it in one cd. You have no idea what it’s doing to me right now. It’s like each song sends me back in time when life was just plain and simple. When cellphones did not exist, when remote controls are not yet invented and people have to stand, walk to the TV and turn the channel dial. When kids play outside instead of playing online games, sitting in front of their PC’s for hours. When kids interact with other kids, not interact through chat. Oniisan said that’s what they did during the 80’s.  Well, I did some of those things too, although not that much. I’m saying I did get to play tag and hide and seek with my cousins but most of our time were spent playing computer games – oh yeah, the famous PS1. Okay, during that time, it’s just called Playstation. But now, there’s PS2, PS3, Wii, X-box, PSP…what’s next?

Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and live my life there, where everything was simple and…well, just plain simple! Don’t you wish you’re back in time too?






My First blog here at WordPress :D

Hmmm, I’ll be trying this new blogsite now…I’m alaready blogging at but not so much is happening there anymore. Well, I did win a Nature Photo contest there, (I’ll be posting my winning pic soon). I’ll also be including some of my previous blogs from here…what else? Alright then, I’ll just start with random things inside my head for now:

–       I ate too much Italian food – meat and veggie deep dish pizza and garden salad for dinner tonight, uh-oh! I’m gonna have to exercise a lot tomorrow.

–       Wondering why I can’t seem to finish my Gensomaden Saiyuki drawing…it’s been two weeks already!

–       I like Kibum, Heechul and Eunhyuk from Super Junior

–       I want that Akatsuki Gundam (scale 1/100) from Gundam Seed Destiny! Oh, and that perfect grade Strike Freedom Gundam, I want that too!

–       I’m sleepy already!

–       I still want a Doberman or a german shepherd

–       Strawberry and cream bun from Bread Talk is super yum yum!

–       AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Me screaming inside my head…)

–       Need to buy a new chew toy for Max (my rotweiller)

–       Need to lose 4 more pounds to get to my target weight of 100lbs.

–       I love my new set of maneki neko!

–       I hope this is just allergy…been sneezing since morning

–       AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Screaming inside my head…again)

–      Why in the world did I forget Super Junior had a concert here??

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