Hmmm, I’ll be trying this new blogsite now…I’m alaready blogging at but not so much is happening there anymore. Well, I did win a Nature Photo contest there, (I’ll be posting my winning pic soon). I’ll also be including some of my previous blogs from here…what else? Alright then, I’ll just start with random things inside my head for now:

–       I ate too much Italian food – meat and veggie deep dish pizza and garden salad for dinner tonight, uh-oh! I’m gonna have to exercise a lot tomorrow.

–       Wondering why I can’t seem to finish my Gensomaden Saiyuki drawing…it’s been two weeks already!

–       I like Kibum, Heechul and Eunhyuk from Super Junior

–       I want that Akatsuki Gundam (scale 1/100) from Gundam Seed Destiny! Oh, and that perfect grade Strike Freedom Gundam, I want that too!

–       I’m sleepy already!

–       I still want a Doberman or a german shepherd

–       Strawberry and cream bun from Bread Talk is super yum yum!

–       AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Me screaming inside my head…)

–       Need to buy a new chew toy for Max (my rotweiller)

–       Need to lose 4 more pounds to get to my target weight of 100lbs.

–       I love my new set of maneki neko!

–       I hope this is just allergy…been sneezing since morning

–       AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Screaming inside my head…again)

–      Why in the world did I forget Super Junior had a concert here??