The front and back cover for the game

I just finished this game five times already on Nintendo Wii (to get different endings). Yeah, I am a gaming addict when it comes to horror RPG’s like this. But don’t get me wrong, I love GOD OF WAR too, but horror RPG’s like the Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series and especially Fatal Frame series have a lot more appeal to me.

First off, I’m not here to make another walkthrough. There are LOTS of walkthroughs out there on the net. I’m just going to write about things that caught my attention about this game.

  1. The console – like I said, it’s Nintendo Wii. My first time playing an RPG on this console and a horror at that. Usually it’s PS2. The Wii controller serves as your flashlight in the game, the nunchuck is the d-pad. Sounds kind of easy but once you’re playing and you have a shaky hand (because you’re still getting used to it OR it’s shaking because you’re freaked out by the game’s nightmare sequence, you choose.) Yup, it takes getting used to.
  2. See? No fog! Just lots of snow...

    The game itself is like the very first Silent Hill where Harry Mason searches for his daughter after the car accident, BUT there are some things that are different here.   The town is still snowy WITHOUT the freakish fog, a couple of streets are blocked by tons of snow, unlike the first game where the streets are cut off and it’s like leading to nowhere AND the best part, you’ll be able to find the exit anytime, unlike the original silent hill where you have to run all around town to find all blocked streets before you can find the right door/path.

  3. Nightmare sequences – for first time players of the game, this might freak them out. But for Silent Hill fans,

    Yeah, they do open the door and they grab onto you like a leech...

    (in my opinion) not so much. The previous Silent Hill games offer a much more terrifying nightmare sequence by the hellish sounds playing on the background and the dark, bloody rooms, streets or buildings, I guess the only saving grace here is that you can fight back, hit the monsters with whatever weapon you have on hand and re-energize with health drinks. You don’t see any of that in Shattered Memories. In the nightmare sequence here, everything is just dark and covered in ice and all you can do here is RUN! Oh, and when the monsters get a hold of you like leeches, all you have to do is shake them off and RUN again. Easy? Yeah, IF you’re not yet freaking out!

  4. In every nightmare sequence you can EASILY get lost. There are a lot of doors that you can go through and IF it’s the wrong door, it just loops back to another room. Hmmm, but there’s always help. You can use a flare to temporarily deflect monsters or use Harry’s cellphone! YES! It has a GPS, hehe!  A simple reminder though, while Harry is using his cellphone’s GPS, he can’t run…again, it will be your choice – to run, probably get lost and frustrated then die after too many monsters get hold of you or walk while using the cellphone and then die because the monsters can easily catch you.
  5. Just one of the uniforms Cybil wears, depends on how you play the game

    The characters – of course there’s Cybill Bennett (the cop), Michelle (the prom queen who sang the TWISTED version of ‘Always on my mind’) Lisa (the nurse), Dahlia (the whore? I don’t really know…) and of course, Cheryl. The characters interactions with Harry differ, depending on how you play the game. That includes the characters attire, again, everything depends on how you play the game.

  6. The ending(s) – as with the other Silent Hill versions, this game also had different endings. I guess the funniest one was the UFO ending. Yeah, you’re seriously playing the game and the UFO ending is a big joke, LOL~

    A scene from the UFO ending...


I’m not going too much into details here. It’s better if you play the game. If you’re the type to get frustrated and panic easily, go and look for a walkthrough. But if you want to challenge yourself, go ahead and step into Harry’s world without any help. Goodluck!