My wish finally came true a month ago when we finally went to Deza-to Pan, a japanese inspired cafe. For some reason I was too lazy to upload the pictures. But now, here it is. Okay, first off, as soon as we entered the store, a shelf full of bread caught my attention. I’m not a bread lover but I was tempted to try some. I had to remind myself that I was there to buy a dessert.

Triple Chocolate Mousse (single serve)

I looked up at the menu and then quickly down to the shelf where the cakes were displayed. I guess it’s more of a visual appeal to the customers; with the cakes artistically designed to call anyone’s attention. It’s like you’d hesitate to slice the cake; you know it’s food and it’s meant to be eaten but to do so you have to ruin it.

For the second time I looked at the menu board and noticed they are also serving gelato. But I remain loyal to my mission, to buy a cake. Since this is my first time to try their cakes, I decided to buy just a slice (to go) but then, it will ruin the cake’s appearance so I opted to buy the FAERIES (the single serve cakes in a plastic glass). Chocolate is not my fave when it comes to cakes but I bought the Triple Chocolate Mousse (P100, it’s around $2 to $3) because I simply thought it was cute!

Now, who would want to eat/destroy this beautifully arranged cake in a glass? As you can see, white chocolate was used as a design; I just got tricked with what I thought was white chocolate ball. It was actually a hollowed out, half a ball of white chocolate and underneath or inside it was a drop of cream! And then, there’s half a cherry beside it and the plain chocolate was added (the one where you can read the Dezaato Pan).

Over all taste, my verdict: Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet compared to other chocolate mousse I’ve tried! First layer is the chocolate ganache, followed by a layer of chocolate sponge cake, then white chocolate mousse and lastly, the chocolate mousse on the bottom. A spoonful of the whole cake itself is not too overwhelming. It melts in your mouth smoothly and like I said, it wasn’t so sweet that you’ll be eager to take one bite after another.

It’s not all the time that anyone gets to eat a cake from a plastic glass like this one; it’s a visual treat already to see something so cute like this, what more if you get to taste it?

We bought two of these, hehe!