Two years ago I wrote this blog at Friendster. And Yes, I am a j-drama and a k-drama addict 😀

Cute robot, huh? 😀

I am now currently addicted to this j-drama entitled ぜったいかれし (Absolute Boyfriend). Honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed this show if it wasn’t for Penny, my college friend.

This show was originally a 7 volume manga series written by Yuu Watase, (yup, she also wrote fushigi yuugi) and it looks to me like the manga characters look a lot like the characters from fushigi – although I have to admit, I still need to read the manga.

As of the moment, I have watched 2 episodes from crunchyroll, and it just made my day! The guy who played Night Tenjo is 速水もこみち (Hayami Mokomichi), who by the way was also in Gokusen 2! Cute guy! He is sooooo adorable in this drama 🙂 As I said, Hayami plays Night, a robot programmed to be the ‘ideal boyfriend’ for 井沢リイコ (Izawa Riiko) played by 相武沙季(Aibu Saki), who caught the attention of their ‘happy go lucky’ boss 浅元創志 (Asamoto Soushi) played by 水嶋ヒロ (Mizushima Hiro). And now you have a love triangle. Just imagine, a very large box is delivered to your doorstep, with you being clueless as to what it is; and when you finally open the box, you see a gloriously naked, perfect guy inside, asleep…and you need to kiss him to wake him up. Sounds like a fairy tale to me with the kissing part, but not when the guy inside is a robot programmed according to your desires. Is a robot capable of loving someone? Can a human love a robot? Would you really depend on a non-human companion to satisfy your emotional needs? Can Love be programmed into a computer?

At this point, I have no complains about the series yet, or even the acting…well, maybe it’s normal for me to say now that japanese acting is corny, especially Aibu Saki’s acting. But that’s okay. I’m past that stage now where I ignore a show because I hated the crappy acting, and thank goodness they got Hayami to play Night (have you ever seen a robot smile so cute?) Hayami does that perfectly, just watch the show! And Mizushima – he reminds me a lot of 松本じゅん (Matsumoto Jun); I don’t know why, probably because of his hair and the shape of his face…one thing that annoys me though…his hair! I couldn’t figure out if he had it permed and the hairdresser messed it up and now it looked like a job that’s half finished – having a mix of straight and permed hair at the same time.