Dream (definition)- is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. (taken from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream)

I’ve been having recurring dreams since I was in college. In my dream, I’m ALWAYS playing the piano, or at least attempting to play it. I was having difficulty because it was so hard to play the keys; no matter how hard I try I would always be ‘fighting’ with the piano keys. I’d be having that kind of dream twice a week, four at the most. In real life, I play the piano. I simply thought that it’s the reason why I’ve been having those dreams, like mastering a difficult piano piece…at least until I read somewhere that recurring dreams are caused by a certain life situation. Now that I think about it, I was having trouble dealing with all the stress at school. The recurring dreams were probably showing me my weakness in real life.

Looking up the meaning of having piano dreams at www.dreammoods.com, it says there: To dream that you are playing a piano indicates a quest for harmony in your life. Consider where the piano is placed as a clue as to what aspect of your life needs accordance. ‘Consider where the piano is placed as a clue…’ hmmm…it’s random actually. Sometimes in my dream the piano would be in a room, in an open field and sometimes I can’t even remember where it was!

Fast forward a decade later…I’m still having recurring dreams but a different one now. FALLING TEETH. I’ve read somewhere that it has something to do with age issues; yeah, I was a bit anxious hitting that big three-zero one day. But according to dreammoods.com, it may mean sense of powerlessness…right on the note there. The past seven months I was so stressed and was having difficulties getting my point across with people I know. Well, I’m always having difficulty expressing myself, especially with situations I have to defend a point or a reason.

I don’t have these dreams anymore. Random dreams, yes. Nightmares, no. I guess it’s safe to say that finally, I’m living a better life now. Stress and problems will always be here, but I’ll always have my husband to lean on now and assure me, I’ll be okay.