Summer is almost here now and I am so lucky I don’t live in the city anymore. Everything just ‘melts’ in the city during summer! So here I have a list of things I HATE during summer.

1. THE HEAT – Admit it, summer seasons now are WAAAAAY different from when we were kids. 39oC to 41oC is now a normal temperature during summer. Not good. You can’t even sleep in the afternoon because it’s too hot!
2. THE BEACH – I don’t like getting tans, I don’t like being under the sun and I hate the HEAT! Oh, I almost forgot the ‘CROWD’ at the beach during summer!
3. THE DIET – I’m not one of those girls who go on a summer diet just to be able to fit into their swimsuits. No, I don’t have a model’s body but please don’t buy a swimsuit just because it’s in style. Buy a swimsuit in which your body will look good in.
4. THE SWIMSUITS – I don’t hate the swimsuit itself but the one who wears it. Seriously, extra pounds (FLABS) around the waistline is horrible! Cellulite on the thighs – makes me want to puke. I believe that the only ones who have the right to wear swimsuits at the beach are those without flabs and cellulites!
5. THE SMELL – It’s hot and everywhere you go, people are sweating like crazy. Therefore, it’s unavoidable that once in a while you smell something weird. And what do you know? It’s the person beside you smelling like a horse because it’s hot!
6. THE OIL – Oily faces are rampant during this time. Not a good sight to look at.
7. THE WATER SHORTAGE – enough said.
8. THE ELECTRICITY BILL – Every night the aircon is on because you have no choice, so the bill goes up and up…
9. THE EXPENSES – you just can’t say no to some friends who ask you to go with them on a summer trip but once is enough. I’ll be spending most of my time inside the hotel room, thank you.
10. THE MALL – you think the only place crowded during summer is at the beach? Try going to the mall during summer’s hottest day, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.