Irony of ironies…I just wrote a blog about things I hate during summer season, then this happens…read on please.


Last February 13, two days before valentine’s, I bought a valentine card for my husband. Little did I know that upon purchasing the card, I am entitled to two raffle coupons for Hallmark’s ‘Moments of Love’ promo. I don’t usually join raffle contests, because, hey, what are the odds of actually winning? Very small. But for the heck of it, I filled up both raffle coupons, dropped my entries in the drop box, carelessly kept the stubs in the front pocket of my bag and literally forgot all about it as soon as I walked out of the bookstore.

This is the winning stub 😀

Fast forward to almost a month later. Just this afternoon, as soon as I logged off FB and turned off my laptop, I received a call on my cell phone from an unknown number. I was staring at the number for a few seconds more before the call ended. I don’t answer calls immediately when it’s from an unknown number. So the call ended but not a minute later my cell phone rang again, from the same number. Hesitating, I answered the phone call. A cheerful voice on the other line greeted me good afternoon and looked for me. She then introduced herself as Kathleen (I’m not going to write her last name here). After she confirmed it was really me on the other line, she congratulated me upon winning the GRAND PRIZE on Hallmark’s Moments of Love promo. At first, I was like ‘what promo? I didn’t join any promos…’ then she reminded me of the valentine’s card I bought last month. Then I was ‘Oh, now I remember…’ yes, I am still confused at that time because I was thinking this might be a prank call. Let’s face it, a lot of people get prank calls nowadays, informing them that they’ve won, blah blah, then gives them instruction on how to claim their prize, but first, they need to pay a fee.

This did not happen during my conversation with Kathleen. Instead, she verified my mailing address, reading it carefully from their database. And she even gave me the winning ticket number. She just said that I need to wait for a mail from them which includes instructions on how I can claim the prize.

Oh, you might be asking what the grand prize is. It’s a trip for 2 to Boracay!!! Plane fare and hotel accommodations, all free!!! Woooohoooooo! I know, I just wrote a couple of things I hate during the summer season and now I win a trip to Boracay. Irony of ironies…well, for the longest time I did want to go to Boracay, just to experience what it’s like to be there so I won’t get left out (most of the people I know have been there…) I guess, it’s fate,  just like what Kathleen said. I really didn’t expect to win, I have totally forgotten about the promo but the OC in me had kept the winning stub safe and sound. It was still in the front pocket of my bag all this time!