A few years back, there was a tsunami in Indonesia, in other countries dormant volcanoes suddenly erupt, if not spew ashes. Now it’s earthquake in New Zealand, then in Japan which caused a tsunami that claimed thousands of lives and millions in properties. What’s worse, the danger isn’t over yet as they are still experiencing strong aftershocks; there is also the fear of radiation leak because of the damage on one of the nuclear plants caused by the said earthquake. Then, there’s protests in a few middle eastern countries. What’s next?

2012. Twenty twelve. Two thousand and twelve. Some ‘geniuses’ say the world will end in 2012, because they have cracked the Mayan code. This is a period of time when people everywhere debated about this issue. I for one, did not believe this crap. I still don’t. It’s not that I needed another ‘genius’ explain to me how Mayan’s calculate their calendar, I simply believe in the Bible, period. The bible says, only God knows when the world will end, simple right? I don’t believe in people who proclaim themselves to be Prophets of Jesus, telling everyone that the world will soon end and gives them an exact date. I hate that crap. And the people who believe that crap, quit their jobs, sell their houses and every property they have then go to some cave in the woods to hide there because it’s the end of the world, only to come out a few days later, humiliated – I hate them even more.

No, I’m not going to start some debate here, religion versus science, no, not ever. I don’t think that kind of debate will ever end. I’m not the religious type, I don’t know every verse in the Bible, I may not even be able to recite ten verses from the bible if you ask me to. It’s just that time and again, ever since I was a kid, at a time when USA was going against Iraq, people at church say the end is near. Even our pastor said the same thing, all the signs were in the bible. Okay, so they say the end of the world is near, but they did not give an EXACT date.

This reminds me of someone I know who by chance is more religious than I am, attending church every Sunday, going to prayer meetings and stuff like that. The worst part about her is that she believed the 2012 crap. Oh and she also believes in numerous superstitions. I mean, come on! How can you say you’re a Christian when you believe in stuff like that?!

Some of my friends say Mother Nature is going through her menopausal stage, I say it’s the time ticking. Only God knows how much time we got left here on Earth and from the looks of things, it’s getting much worse. I’m wishing, I’m hoping that this is just a wake up call from God. Seriously, how many of us actually go to church every Sunday? Read the bible? Do you even know if Hebrews is in the old or new testament? We, as a people have simply forgotten him. We spend most of our time at work, we come home tired, but then again even if we’re tired we can still go online and check our Facebook accounts. Then if we get tired of playing games we just got to sleep, without even saying a simple prayer. Without even thanking God for giving us another day, another life to live. Because honestly, who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow?