This is an update from radiation from Japan. I just saw the newsflash from GMA7 half an hour ago, RADIATION FROM JAPAN HAS REACHED THE PHILIPPINES. Yes, it finally happened. A few weeks ago, PNRI, PAGASA and other government agencies claimed that it was not possible for the radiation to reach the Philippines because of wind directions.

Hmmm, trust information from PAGASA? Since when did they predict correct weather here? I remember when I was still studying I would be up very early in the morning to listen to radio updates if college classes would be cancelled. Of course, by the time PAGASA gives the update about the weather, it’s about time for me to go to school – while rain was pouring hard, streets were flooded and getting a ride to get to school would take forever. Finally, after I reach the school, soaked from my legs down (if I’m lucky), we get info from the university that classes are cancelled. Apparently, PAGASA decided to cancel classes on all levels while I was on the way to school, they say the storm would get stronger. Really?! By the time I reached school the sun was already up! It sucks, right?

So would you really believe everything and anything the government / government agency tells you? Has it ever occurred to you that there is a possibility they are telling ‘lies’ to avoid panic while they are safely & quietly evacuating their own families out of the country to somewhere safe?

While writing this, I found this news article from GMA news online, dated March 21, 2011. Please read on the link below. According to UP professor Dr. Romeo Quijano, no level of radioactivity is ‘safe’.

Let’s face it, radiation is radiation. No matter what the levels are, it will have an effect on every living thing.  Here’s hoping the situation does not get any worse…