We'll surely miss you, Antonne!

You’ve been with us for nearly twelve years, I know you’re in doggy heaven now. We’re going to miss you so much 😦

The first time you came to us, you were a hyper puppy, a big puppy at that. I love your spots; through the years we lost count of it as new spots appear as you grow older.  Sorry if I didn’t give you much attention during the past few years, but I hope you still remember the doggie baths I gave you, I’m sure you liked it. I hope you liked the treats I gave you too. As you grew older you became crankier with other dogs, but never with us. You liked to be patted on the head and I liked watching your wagging tail as I pat you. I remember when you got into a fight with our neighbor’s stupid dog; you kicked his ass and he went home with his tail between his two legs. We were so worried when you suddenly attacked like that but that dog deserved it. You were just defending your territory.

We tried to make you better, I know you don’t want to leave us yet and we never wanted that to happen. But I guess it was your time, it was your body telling you to give up the fight. I didn’t want to give up on you yet, in my heart I still hoped you would get better and that the medicines the vet gave you would work. But we were fighting against time, even if the medicines made you feel better for a short time, it was your old body that was giving up, but not your spirit.  I hope you won’t forget us even if you’re in doggy heaven now.