I don’t exactly know what to think of this. But I have a strong feeling this is true. The following pictures are price tags from items bought at SM. SM is a chain of shopping malls in the Philippines and China owned by Henry Sy. Every time there is a ‘SALE’ at SM malls, you can expect the crowd to fill the whole place. These sales take three days, usually on dates when people already have their salary for the month and at weekends. SO what do you do when there’s a sale at the mall, you have money to spend and it’s a weekend? Go to the most famous mall in the country! Now please look at the following pitures:

The real price is lower than the sale price?!

Okay, as you can see, the original price (the one with the white tag) is P89.75 and – drum roll please…the sale price (the one with the yellow tag) is P169.75 which is almost double the regular price!!! And they call that sale?


Sale at SM malls, do you really think they'd drop the prices like that?

Now please look closely at this one. Sure, the original price (the one with the white tag) is now higher than the sale price, at P249.75;  while the sale price is P170. Sounds good huh? Nope! Look closely at the yellow tag, at the upper part where you can read the ‘before’ price. Did it say there that the original price was P339.75?  Of course without any doubt, you’ll buy this item immediately because the ‘sale’ price is half the original price.

I received this images in my email. If this is really true, what about the other items that are on ‘sale’? This got me thinking…what kind of ‘cheat’ could they be doing at SM groceries? The price tags could be correct at the shelves but what about when you get to the counter? It’s impossible to remember each and every price of the individual items in your cart, right? What if the prices are higher when they pass through the scanner?  Which leads to this screen shot of the email I got.

How many of us actually check the looooong receipts for the grocery items we buy?

No wonder rich people get richer, poor people get poorer.