You might be wondering what this is. I’ve been seeing a lot of people with this syndrome ever since I was in high school. This syndrome is prevalent particularly in the Philippines. Who exactly are affected by this syndrome? Well, as long as you can speak the English language, you can be affected, it is sometimes contagious. Most of the time it is funny but really contagious, believe me, I’ve been affected with it for a mere five to eight seconds.

What exactly is this SPFBV and TTH SYNDROME? This is a ‘disease’ when people interchangeably use the letter ‘S’ for plural and singular words, as well as the letters ‘P’, ‘F’, ‘B’ and ‘V’. I know I need to cite some examples; I will try my best though, because in my opinion, it is much better/funnier to hear it from people with this disease.

Case # 1: The battle with the letter ‘S’

 This is the correct sentence:


 This is how people with the ‘S’ syndrome reads it:

loveS believes the best.

Did you see the ‘S’ in the word love? For some reason, it has been added there – it is a syndrome after all.

Case # 2: ‘P’ and ‘F’ have different sounds.

But my high school classmate doesn’t seem to think so. Every time she reads something in English, expect to hear the letters P and F be used interchangeably. Here are some example of the words:








Fig (note that this is not the type of herb, it is the animal)



Now let’s try using some of the words in a sentence:

A priend is coming ober and I will cook dinner for her. I’d like to try something easy so I will cook pried chicken. But I need to frefare the ingredients pirst. I just want ‘eberyting’ to be ferfect.

These are just examples, just think of any word that starts with a P or F and she’ll be pronouncing it like this: ‘FI’ and ‘EP’. We did try correcting her at one point when it became annoyingly unbearable. She tried correcting herself but had to repeat the same word more than three times to get the correct pronunciation. It was a loosing battle.

Case # 3: The ‘B’s and the birds and a ‘V’ictory for the Feople

I sometimes ask myself why people have this kind of syndrome when most of them have gone to school, surely English teachers would have heard that and corrected it. I guess not. Well, then…just try reading the following words out loud.

Vay view (it’s Bay view)









And now, for the sentence. Read this out loud please and tell me if it isn’t annoying or funny.

She stayed at Vay view hotel that week because she got a vetter deal for the room rates. She got a room ober looking the sea and there was neber a minute when she was vored. Op course, there was pree wi-fi so she brought along her notevook.

Case # 4: That’s what you tink!

Yeah, again it’s replacing words with ‘TH’ with a ‘T’.


Tank you



And now the sentence:

He was to toughtful, I tink he has a ting for me.

Tank you for reading up until here! 😀

Seriously, I can go on and on about these syndrome. There are other syndromes out there but these are the most prominent ones. I don’t know if it’s a Filipino thing or it’s just a speech defect already. It is correctable, I just don’t know why they never bother to correct themselves. Could it be that they don’t notice it? Who knows?