This was taken from my other blog about Dezaato-Pan, a japanese cafe and dessert shop. I wrote this a few months ago.

For some reason I was too lazy to upload the pictures. But now, here it is. Okay, first off, as soon as we entered the store, a shelf full of bread caught my attention. I’m not a bread lover but I was tempted to try some. I had to remind myself that I was there to buy a dessert.

I looked up at the menu and then quickly down to the shelf where the cakes were displayed. I guess it’s more of a visual appeal to the customers; with the cakes artistically designed to call anyone’s attention. It’s like you’d hesitate to slice the cake; you know it’s food and it’s meant to be eaten but to do so you have to ruin it.

For the second time I looked at the menu board and noticed they are also serving gelato. But I remain loyal to my mission, to buy a cake. Since this is my first time to try their cakes, I decided to buy just a slice to go, but then, it will ruin the cake’s appearance so I opted to buy the FAERIES (the single serve cakes in a plastic glass). Chocolate is not my fave when it comes to cakes but I bought the Triple Chocolate Mousse (P100, it’s around $2 to $3) because I simply thought it was cute!

(I had to take this pic inside the car, I was afraid everything would just melt by the time we get home)

Now, who would want to eat/destroy this beautifully arranged cake in a glass? As you can see, white chocolate was used as a design; I just got tricked with what I thought was white chocolate ball. It was actually a hollowed out, half a ball of white chocolate and underneath or inside it was a drop of cream! And then, there’s half a cherry beside it and the plain chocolate was added (the one where you can read the Dezaato Pan).

(What do you know? It’s still intact after we got home!)

Over all taste, my verdict: Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet compared to other chocolate mousse I’ve tried! First layer is the chocolate ganache, followed by a layer of chocolate sponge cake, then white chocolate mousse and lastly, the chocolate mousse on the bottom. A spoonful of the whole cake itself is not too overwhelming. It melts in your mouth smoothly and like I said, it wasn’t so sweet that you’ll be eager to have a bite one after another.

It’s not all the time that anyone gets to eat a cake from a plastic glass like this one; it’s a visual treat already to see something so cute like this, what more if you get to taste it?