Yes, I finished the game ten times now.

More than ten years ago I encountered Parasite Eve I and II on Playstation. During that time my brother and I were in a struggle to finish the game. For some reason, we grew tired of it, being unable to beat bosses (yeah, we kind of sucked during those years) but it’s a different ball game now.

Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday

A few months ago I was introduced to Parasite Eve, 3rd Birthday – a spin-off of the game in Playstation. Like I said, I finished the game for the 10th time and I’ve unlocked the third cheat, unlimited ammo.

The main character of the game is still Aya Brea. She is now a member of CTI (Counter Twisted Investigation). Unlike the first two games, her character seemed to have memory loss – she is unable to recall parts of her life before she was a member of the CTI. In this game, there is a new ability called OVERDIVE, where Aya can switch bodies with NPC’s (Non playable characters). Just a warning though, there will be short clips where Aya is shown in a wedding dress, getting married. Intriguing right? But just look at this:

A bloody wedding...

This is a tactical shooting game – hit the R1 button and its target locked on. Sounds easy? At the beginning of the game, yes. But as the game progresses, it can be quite frustrating. There are lots of giant twisted attacking you from all directions and you just don’t know where to position yourself (that’s what happened to me the first time I played, hehe!) Like the other games, you can choose from several weapons available for free (at the start of the game) and ones that are purchased with your accumulated BP points (earned while fighting the Twisted(s). There are several types of weapons to choose from, from handguns, to assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and launchers. My favorite weapon? The SATELLITE CANNON – too bad it’s not available for purchase.

The TWISTED – these are the ‘monsters’ in the game. There are several kinds of them; the Helix, Slackers, Wads, Stinkers, Snatchers, Rollers, Rovers, Detectors, Mudflaps, Beans, Worms, High Ones, Reapers, they all make the characters life miserable. Guess where they came from? From Aya. I’ll explain that later. Since I haven’t found any site that has listings of the Twisted, I’ll describe them all here.

Slacker – is an incomplete Twisted. Robbed of its consciousness, its body somehow blighted during metamorphosis, it was unable to complete its transformation. Its attacks are simple and consist only of charging forward. However, they often appear in swarms, and it’s dangerous to underestimate the power they hold in numbers.

Wad – a Twisted that expands and contracts as it attacks, its physical changes indicating its battle stance. While contracted, it becomes sharp as a blade and fast as a whip. While expanded, it floats along like a balloon, firing projectiles.

Stinker – A Twisted that attacks its enemy in swarms surrounding a so-called Head Stinker. This ‘queen bee’ serves as the brains and heart of the swarm, both issuing commands and sustaining the life of its Stinker drones. When the head Stinker is attacked, it uses its stealth capabilities to camouflage itself.

Snatcher – Dangles from the ceiling and searches for intruders. Upon finding one, it drops down and begins pursuit. It’s an extremely keen hunter and fighter, launching its first attacks immediately after sensing a foe and relentlessly continuing its barrage until it captures its prey.

Bean – Uses a high intensity bombardment attack. If approached head on, be prepared to face an unavoidable assault of concentrated fire power. Make use of obstacles to secure a possible line of defense, then go straight for the jugular – or just use a high-power, continuous fire weapon, like the T480C.

Roller – attempts to enter close range combat as soon as it appears. It narrows any wider gaps by twisting its body and using the recoil to propel itself forward like a spring.

Rover – works with and controls a type of Twisted known as Detector. It uses a search light to trap and fire at enemies. If caught in its beam, your body will be frozen to the spot.

Detector – Appearing as if bubbling up from the earth, this Twisted works only in  tandem with a Rover, acting like an alarm system. It has no attack capabilities and disappears the moment it spots an enemy.

Worm – Two kinds, the Runts are the small ones and Spawns are the big ones. Runts move slow before molting, their armor like  exoskeleton makes them impervious to attacks. Fire at their mouth to start the molting process. Note that their weak spot becomes their strong spot after molting.

Mudflap – I hate this guy. It uses telekinesis to pick up enemies hiding behind obstacles and bring them in for the kill. It can transform a human into a Slacker. Its powers can affect the surrounding air currents, whipping up tornadoes to further control the intruder. This guy has two lives, you have to act fast enough to kill it twice before your character or any NPC is transformed into a Slacker.

Reaper – There is only one thing that can kill this Twisted. It has a rigid shell that nullifies all attacks. This is the most difficult Twisted to kill in the game. The laser cannon is the only weapon that can pierce its shell. It can travel through time and space and appear anywhere it wants to. Like the Mudflap, you have to kill this twice. Make sure you have a weapon with a strong fire power when fighting this the second time, because it regenerates life as soon as you stop shooting it. I recommend the T480C.

Helix – It uses many different kinds of ballistic attacks to destroy its target. Its sturdy head can easily take out any obstacle, conveniently trapping its prey right within firing range.

There were also special cases as a couple of humans in the game were turned into Twisted with their consciousness intact; like Gabrielle Monsigny, Emily Jefferson, Kyle Madigan and Hyde Bohr – all of them, the High Ones.

Game play is a lot easier compared to the first two games. Unlike the first one, 3rd Birthday has no ATB (Active Time Bar), basically, you can be a trigger happy player here. Ammunition is unlimited – just for the handgun, though. The other weapons like YS228 SWAT, T480C and the D6B2 (assault rifles) all have limited ammos, but you can find supplies along the way and at save points. All weapons are customizable with accumulated BP points. And then there’s the OE (Over Energy) – these are chips obtained while overdiving into Twisted(s). These can be installed into different DNA boards provided in the game to make Aya’s power’s stronger or weaker. There are thousands of combinations and results every time you combine an OE chip. Theirs is no definite result for each combination.

The plot is kind of confusing. In the game, Aya uses the machine Overdive System to go to the past and possess someone else’s body. After each Episode, a short clip is always shown, showing a part of Aya’s memory, in the church, during a wedding ceremony with Kyle Madigan and with the only guest, Eve. Then the police team comes along, shoots both Aya and Kyle. Every time Aya goes back to the past, she changes the future. While the game progresses other characters die. So in the end, like I said before, the Twisted came from Aya – these are parts of her soul/consciousness that were destroyed when Eve overdived into Aya’s body after the SWAT shot her and Kyle in the church. So in the game, you are playing Aya with Eve’s consciousness/soul, but without her own memory. Well, you wouldn’t be able to figure that out unless you finish the game.

Bonus treats for those who finished the game, no matter what rank you get – different costumes for Aya; well, in the game those are called protective gear. I just don’t understand how it became ‘protective’. There’s the Black leather – a black tank top with torn jeans, White Eider – just a white eiderdown jacket, Maid’s Uniform – enough said, Business Suit – a black miniskirt with a peekaboo red lingerie, also comes with glasses, Cheongsam – a blue, Chinese inspired dress, Santa Soldier – need I say more? And the Overdive Suit – a prototype overdive suit that analyzes all kinds of data while Aya is overdiving. Oh, and all these ‘protective gear’ get torn up while fighting ;P

As for now, I’ll leave the rest for you to find out who’s the main antagonist in this game ;P