This one was written August 8, 2008 – when these cute but ‘horrible’ headbands were a rampage to all girls of different sizes and age…





okay, so now i know where people get this wacky idea to wear headbands with that outrageously big bow (sometimes with shocking colors to boot…sigh), i would have to say this is all blair waldorf’s (Gossip Girl) fault! i have to admit, it looks cute on her but not everyone can get away with wearing those headbands! sheeeeesh!

       I’ve already lost my will to notice other people’s fashion sense a loooong time ago, or maybe it just went to a minimum now…but just 2 weeks ago there was this girl in the office who REALLY got my attention with her headbands. As i said in the beginning, it has BIG BOWS! Alright, the headband looked cute by itself, but when she wore it with that side swept bangs (exactly like blair waldorf) it was like ‘EEEEEEEEWWWW!’ I really can’t help but notice her, ‘coz she was a big girl, and looked nerdy to me…OMG, and i am not the only one who noticed this…this fashion tragedy, other people are calling her names now. I think she’s got all the colors and she matches it with whatever shirt color she’s wearing for the day…(I’m guessing she even has 5 designs for each color…imagine that…) and i don’t think she has real friends. you know why? because a real friend will tell her that she looked like a disaster wearing that big bow headband, and only 1st graders can pull that off!  if i were her friend, i’ll personally snatch the headband from her head!

       all i can say is, NOT EVERYONE CAN WEAR THOSE KIND OF HEADBANDS. yeah, it’s cute i must say but you have to know when you’ll become a fashion icon or a disaster when you try to go with the trend.