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So who would have thought that after making a vow that I shallnever again buy a book written by Stephen King (I said that after I finished reading ‘Bag of Bones’ which is also written by Stephen King) I’d be buying three of his books, again! One after the other, I just devoured it, in the sense that even if I’m working in the office I’d be reading it and I’d be so absorbed, that I was actually able to finish it in less than two weeks!

I guess I would have to give credits to the show Friends for making me read King’s books again. There was this one episode where Rachel was so scared of the movie scene where Cujo was attacking someone…ok, so I thought i could get a vcd or a dvd copy of that, turns out its an old film so I settled for the book, having no idea it was written by you know who. And so I broke my vow to satisfy my curiosity, again. And again, I did not find it so scary, nothing supernatural going on, just a rabid St. Bernard on a rampage…

With my vow broken, I bought my third Stephen King book which was The Shining. The truth is, I would never consider buying the book if not for that particular episode in Friends where Joey hid his copy in the freezer because he was scared of what might happen to the characters. I didn’t go as far as hiding the book somewhere inside the house or in my locker at the office with the intention to forget that it was actually there; it was not that scary for me but it still got my attention though. An evil hotel trying to possess the kid, the dad. That thing in room 217…the topiary…the ballroom, the elevator…if you’ve read this book, you would understand what I’m saying here. I don’t wanna give out any kind of info here for those who are interested in reading this.

okay, so on to the fourth book, Pet Sematary…now this one – creepy! The Micmac burial grounds…Wendigo…zombie pets, especially if you can imagine Church staring stupidly at you, like you’d never know if he’s going to scratch your eyes out or go berserk…Gage killing Jud with his father’s scalpel, and his mother as well…oh, but that’s not the scariest part for me! It’s the part where Louis was bringing Gage’s dead body to the burial grounds and he has to pass that swamp. There was the fog, and then that maniacal laugh goes on in the background and suddenly out of the fog there was a monstrous head with a long tongue and…it just scared the hell out of me! So that’s when I realized, I’m beginning to like King’s books! :)
Right now, I’m reading Firestarter. I’m just halfway through it – now, this one, I was actually able to watch the movie when i was about 6 or 7 years old, I think. To my surprise, the kid who played Charlie Mcgee was Drew Barrymore! I just found that out last week…

After this, I’ll be reading The Tommyknockers…we’ll just have to see if this creeps me out again.

I’m being a little vague here describing some scenes in the book, why don’t you just buy one or if you’re just too lazy or you don’t have the time to read, just google it. wikipedia will help a lot.

May 31, 2011

The book Tommyknockers did not make an appeal to me that much, I got a little bored with it actually >_<

After almost three years, here’s what I already have in my collection:

Four Past Midnight

Rose Madder

The Dead Zone


The Dark Half



Needful Things

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

I only shop for books at second hand bookstores – hey, I get half the price there, but books are still in good condition. For some reason I stopped shopping for Stephen King’s books, I got other things in mind.