During our recent trip, I was able to buy a pack of a ‘childhood’ long lost candy treat.

My favorite - Yema ball

I had no idea they were still making these candies – it had been more than two decades since I ate one of these nameless treats and I missed it so much! During the mid 80’s to mid 90’s these candies were sold at local stores, wrapped in orange cellophane with a toothpick stuck in the middle to make it easier to eat and was sold for P1 (one peso) each. The pack I bought contained around two dozen candies, also wrapped in yellow cellophane but without the toothpick this time. The store where I bought it was called “Nathaniel’s” and sells local delicacies, desserts and traditional foods.

Custard inside!

To describe this candy, it’s basically custard covered in thin, melted (but now hardened) sugar. It’s just a simple snack most kids would love but as an adult, I still love it. There’s always something about eating a childhood snack – it brings you back to a time when life was all too simple and not a lot of responsibilities yet because you’re still a kid!

I just found out the name of this candy – YEMA BALLS. For the longest time I never knew what this local delicacy was called, no one knew back then either >_<