Taken when Pom-pom was just over 7 months old.

Sit, shake hands, down, crawl are just some of the commands I taught my Pomeranian spitz named Pom-pom.

I never thought it was possible. We’ve had several dogs before Pom-pom and the only commands they knew were ‘go inside’, ‘out’ and ‘come here’. I’m always amazed at dogs who can perform tricks, even if it was just the basic ones. I remember seeing a home shopping network advertisement, selling VHS tapes (yes, VHS tapes, this was more than a decade ago) on how to train your dog. They claim it was easy and that there was no need to pay big amounts of money to have your dogs trained by ‘professional’ trainers. Speaking of which, these professional dog trainers ask for a very high fee, which in my opinion isn’t so practical anymore. Thank goodness for Youtube videos where you can choose from tons of dog training videos.

Take it from me, I watched a couple of videos and picked up a few tricks to effectively teach my dog. The first command I taught Pom was ‘sit’. I think it took me about four to five days before he learned the command. But when he did master it, we were all smiles! Nowadays, it only takes Pom three days to learn a command.

Does he look more like a Pomeranian or a Japanese spitz?

It definitely takes a lot of time, effort and patience to teach a dog. But it was fun, you get to learn more about your dog. With what I learned from Fred Alimusa, a famous dog trainer here and he also hosts a segment in the show DOG TV, I teach/train Pom fifteen minutes each day. Any longer than that and he loses concentration even if there’s food involved. Also, PLEASE don’t scream the command to your dog. That is just so WRONG! Sure, you’ve got the dogs attention but you’re just scaring/confusing the poor creature. When training a dog, I make sure that I have their full attention, and when I give the command, I look them in the eye and praise them if they did good obeying the command. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to give your pet the reward / treat for doing something right.

Smiling for the camera...not exactly.

Some other commands Pom-pom knows: (the following commands are in our native language and I simply translated it to English)
Come here.
Let’s go.
Where’s your ball? (Pom will frantically search for his little orange ball when he hears this command)
Get your ball.
Leave it there. (I use this command when we’re about to go outside and he wants to take his ball with him. When he hears this command he instantly drops the ball and waits for me to open the door.)
Up. ( he will stand on his hind legs)

Currently I am on day two, teaching Pom the command ‘crawl’. He just needs a little more training and he’ll be able to perform the command perfectly.
You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars have your dog trained to tricks/ commands. You can train your pet dog yourself if you can commit your time and effort and lots of patience.

Here are the videos of Pom-pom performing his tricks.





Or you can check out my Youtube channel if you want to see more videos of Pom-pom, Chibi, and Max 😀



We are family! Sorry, blurry pic. I was using my old camera phone here...