It’s been a long time since I saw this shop inside the famous mall here. Before they had their own shop at the ground floor of that mall; displaying the big cream puffs by the glass window. Why was I interested in cream puffs anyway? It all started when I watched the J-dramaABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND’, starring Hayami Mokomichi.    –   my blog about Absolute Boyfriend.  His love interest, Aibu Saki made some pretty good cream puffs. I tried making them twice using a recipe I found in the internet. And I have to say, I still need more practice. And up until now, I never attempted to make them again  >_<.  Then there were also the ‘pseudo’ cream puffs I saw at the grocery, packed in a small box. The name of the product is Monde Tee Up Cream Puffs. I eagerly got two boxes. Since it was a small box, I expected only bite sized puffs. But I had high expectations with this product since it was ‘promoted’ by this famous food magazine. I’m actually disappointed with the cream puffs; the texture was just like a cheese puff (think Cheese curls, cheese balls and corn curls, yeah…all those corn puffed snacks with cheese flavoring, that is exactly the texture of this ‘pseudo’ puffs) but this one was hollowed out to make space for the custard filling (which was almost dry). To make things short, I was really disappointed. Here is the link to a blog where there is an actual specifications to the product as well as pictures:

The paper bag from Beard Papa's

Beard papa is a cream puff store which originated in Japan and has more than 250 branches and 300 stores worldwide. (from Wikipedia’s ) I will not say more here as I will be reiterating what was stated in Wikipedia, so I do hope you click on the link if you wish to know more about this famous cream puff store.

Going back to the first authentic cream puff I’ve tasted, (which is Beard Papa’s,) they were selling two flavors for the regular cream puffs, the one I bought was vanilla. Each puff is almost, if not as big as a baseball, all displayed in a glass shelf. Each puff is sold for P50 (at least $1.16), and I think it was P55 ($1.27) for the chocolate dipped puffs. When you buy a cream puff, that’s the only time they will put the custard inside with the help of a machine (just like putting cream inside donuts) I have to say there is an exact measurement for the custard inside the puffs and the sales lady isn’t making a guess if the puff is already filled or not. After putting the custard, they will dust the puff with confectioner’s sugar, and put it in individual paper bags.

 I wouldn’t say it was heaven the first time I made a bite into it, but I was satisfied. Yes, word for the day is satisfied.

Vanilla custard cream puff from Beard Papa's

I was actually expecting a much sweeter, custard but I was surprised to know that it was just mildly sweet. I guess this is how pastries taste in Japan. I am now reminded of the desserts in Dezaa-to Pan, the sweetness in their pastries is almost the same. – my blog about Deza-to Pan.  BUT the custard really filled the puff. I mean there is not much air left inside. Trust me, on my second bite, the custard was overflowing already. I wish I can show a picture of the puff sliced in half so you can see the overflowing filling, but it will really be messy.

 Now, instead of a store it is more than just a stall located inside the mall. Much accessible, if I may say so. Satisfied? Yes. Worth the money? Yes. Does it satiate hunger? Yes. I will definitely go back and try another flavor of that cream puff.