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Fans won't be seeing him in the next 2 years 😦

Kim Heechul of SuperJunior decided to enlist into the Korean Military, September 1, 2011 ;  following fellow member Kangin. First it was Hankyung (well, his case was different; though a lot of fans still miss him) then Kibum – whose hiatus from the group seemed to be taking longer than usual and his activities seem to be sketchy, (at least it was revealed recently that he was doing another drama)  followed by Kangin and now it’s Heechul’s turn. I was expecting Leeteuk to go into the mandatory military service because he’s the oldest, but I was wrong. So, who do you think will be the next to leave for military service?



If you’re wondering, yes, I did make some kimchi (although not the typical kimchi sold in groceries) from Maangchi’s recipe. I made a batch of yangbaechu kimchi or emergency kimchi and I have to say, (I’m not bragging, ok?) it’s perfect! Thank you, Maangchi!

Looking back, I was curious as to what kimchi tastes like and why it’s always served in a Korean food setting. It’s a vegetable (nappa cabbage) and all red – from that I can safely say it is really SPICY, no questions asked. But I never knew at that time that kimchi is fermented (I was totally clueless back then, around 10 years ago, maybe?) I can never stress enough how POPULAR Korean dramas are in this country. I am a fan too, and so starts my obsession with Korean idols and Korean food. At first I was content with buying kimchi from groceries, until I’ve noticed that the taste, for some reason, gradually changed. Kimchi is supposed to be spicy, right? The ones that I bought only tasted sour, but no spiciness at all. I don’t know if kimchi is supposed to lose its spiciness because of the fermentation process or the kimchi makers simply overlooked the quality of their product.

My home made yangbaechu kimchi (emergency kimchi) fresh and still needs fermenting

And that led me to make my home-made kimchi with Maangchi’s help. Like I said, I decided to make yangbaechu kimchi – this kimchi is made of cabbage. First challenge: go and look for a Korean grocery and buy hot pepper flakes (gochu garu). After searching for 2 korean groceries on a rainy day (good thing my husband was there to drive me around the city) and failed, I finally found a Korean grocery on my third try and bought my very first pack of hot pepper flakes.

First step: the salting process. After cutting up the cabbage into manageable pieces, salt was added to draw out excess water from the vegetable.

Second step: making the kimchi paste. While the vegetable is undergoing the salting process, I made the kimchi paste by mixing thinly sliced carrots, green onions, garlic, fish sauce and hot pepper flakes.

Third step: After washing the cabbage a couple of times with water, I began mixing the kimchi paste and the cabbage.

Fourth step: after thoroughly mixing the paste and cabbage, I made sure I store the kimchi in the container with as little air as possible.

Fifth step: avoid tasting the freshly made kimchi. I did that and I couldn’t stop eating it, picking small pieces and tasting it 😀

These are the steps that I did by following Maangchi’s recipe (fifth step not included, of course) making it is really easy. If you want to make your own emergency kimchi, this is the link to Maanchi’s recipe:

One more thing, make sure you wear plastic gloves when you mix kimchi. I guess it’s okay to mix it with clean bare hands, if you’re sure you can remove the kimchi paste smell on your hands later on 😀

There are different types of kimchi in Maangchi’s website, and I’m planning to make mak kimchi next time. And here’s another mission for me: hunt for sweet rice flour 😀


Too sleepy to post a new blog, I’ll just have to do this tomorrow…goodnight people! 🙂


        This is a Korean show on TvN channel – and no, this is not a dating show. This is a show where they ‘entrap’ a ‘bad boyfriend’ by using a lure (you know what this is – a pretty girl), oh and they use hidden cameras as well. The pretty girl simply has to seduce the boyfriend, kind of like a test for the boyfriend. This is a show that reveals the boyfriend’s REAL personality when the girlfriend is away and when he is faced with temptation. The entrapment situation usually involves a group date, the pretty girl goes out with the boyfriend along with another couple (accomplices as well); like I said, there are hidden cameras at different angles, the girlfriend, along with two other hosts watch and listen to what’s happening at a different location, usually a studio. At the end of the episode they reveal to the boyfriend that everything was a set up, and he and his girlfriend talk it out, alone, without the hosts. Then they have the couple walk towards each other, letting the girl decide if she would forgive or break up with the guy. If she walks past the guy then she’s dumping him.

        So far I’ve watched five episodes, and in those episodes, only one girl actually broke up with her evil boyfriend. Honestly, I don’t know why the other four girls decided to give their boyfriends another chance when all the guys did was to ask money from them, gamble, take them for granted, abusing them, looking and hitting at other girls, asking the pretty girl to go to a motel with him and other things that will make your blood boil. For me, if a guy does all these things, (even if it’s just one of the things listed above) it’s sayonara! No explanations needed. I don’t know why after seeing all those behaviors from their boyfriends, the girlfriends still decide to forgive – stupidity or …I don’t know what else to say anymore! At least  now, there’s one girl who finally used her brain.

             This is the website for TvN –

             as well as their Facebook account –


Very colorful for their latest album...

I’ve always liked Super Junior, but I’m not an ELF. I never owned any of their albums but I would like to buy the latest one, Mr. Simple. I’ve been planning to buy it since last week – it’s a good thing I stopped myself. Because now, they’ve released a ‘version B’ of their album with the single “SUPERMAN”.  Honestly, I think it was unfair for those who bought the album the moment it hit the stores; but to me it was a ‘business’ move on the producers part.

I just listened to “SUPERMAN” and frankly speaking, it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not much into rapping and the boys singing in a low vocal range is something new for me. Now thinking of which album to buy – don’t know if I should just settle for the older albums or this one…


I may sound like I’m promoting this Japanese sushi reataurant, but I’d like to tell you now, I’m not (for my previous blog about Sakae Sushi, please check out this link . It just so happenedthat my husband asked me to there on a ‘date’ last Saturday. During the time we were eating, I noticed there were more foreigners who ate – mostly Koreans and Japanese.

They added another color coded plate, purple plate!

A few things I noticed as soon as we sat down, there was a new color coded purple plate. It was the same price as the red plate and we’ve got several of it. There was the usual tamago sushi, tobiko sushi, fish tempura, salmon sushi, tuna sushi and the salmon sushi topped with asparagus, thinly sliced onions and japanese mayonnaise.

My favorite - salmon sushi! The best!

Tuna sushi

Tobiko sushi

Then there’s also new items on the conveyor belt such as the maki with beni shoga (red, pickled ginger), tamago (egg), cucumber, kani stick (crab stick) and mushroom; then there’s the kani sushi, tofu covered in brown, really tasty sauce, another type of maki with tamago and kani inside – I just have no idea what the purple thingy is called that covered the rice. Here are the photos of some of the new items last Saturday.

Tofu dish with delicious brown sauce - definitely a must try for tofu lovers

A maki with beni shoga, tamago, cucumber, kani, and mushroom

3 pieces of maki with ebi and lettuce inside

Didn't eat this one, but it has kani, tamago and cucumber

The looooong line of sushi and maki at the conveyor belt


Agar agar bars

One afternoon, my mother in-law raided the cupboards in the kitchen and saw there were lots of agar agar (gulaman in tagalog) bars and…just lots of it. She initially wanted to make Cathedral’s window, but there was a problem. We didn’t know the recipe and well, some of the ingredients were missing.

But she cooked the red, green, white and yellow agar agar bars anyway; just putting the right amount of sugar in each batch. While it was cooling down, she searched the cupboard again and saw a can of coconut milk. Without further ado, she simmered the coconut milk, put in a little amount of sugar and voila! It’s an improvised dessert already – we just don’t know what to call it.

It’s cooked agar agar with coconut milk  – a simple and improvised, yet delicious, refreshing and colorful dessert made by my mother in law.  Chill first before eating! 😀

The improvised jelly in coconut milk dessert

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