Can he be actually replaced? I watched TvN’s Kimchi Fan Club today and they made a list on who’s going to be the next Rain or Bi as Korean’s call him. JYP discovered him and was a back-up dancer, year 2000 and had his debut on 2002 under JYP Entertainment. He is a Korean singer, actor, model, dancer, businessman and designer.

My Rain album collection

Since that time he was unstoppable, he has released five Korean studio albums, namely Bad Guy, How to Avoid the Sun, It’s Raining, Rain’s World & Rainism, one Korean EP – Back to the Basic and a Japanese Studio album – Eternal Rain. He has starred on several dramas like Full House, A Love to Kill and the Fugitive: Plan B, a Korean movie I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK and two international films Speed Racer (as Taejo Togokahn) and Ninja Assassin as Raizo. He has won a LOT of awards for his acting.

But how did I get to know Rain? Because of Full House. The K-drama was shown on a local channel here every night and seriously, the country loved him! You just got to love that infectious smile of his, and when he dances, it makes girls heart skip a beat and when he sings, he melts the audiences heart. And now that he’s buffed, who can actually resist him? After that I was a certified fan, although I only have three of his albums, (I couldn’t find any of his old albums in local music stores here) But I do have an original DVD of his movie Ninja Assassin 😀

Honestly speaking, there is no one who can replace Rain (for me). But since TvN made this list, I would like to share it with you.

  1. Lee Joon of MBLAQ – this group is under Rain’s management and Lee Joon already has acted in an international film. Yes, It’s Ninja Assassin as the young Raizo.   
  2. Lee Gi Kwangof B2ST – Hmm, they already had their concert here but I never really paid attention to them. It’s only Super Junior for me.

    Lee Gi Kwang

  3. Jun ho – Now this guy can certainly pass as Rain’s younger brother, no questions asked. I’ve heard of 2AM then 2PM, I’m only familiar with Nickhun of 2PM but Jun-ho, he made me smile when I saw he looked a lot like Rain.

    Rain and Jun-ho, brothers?

  4. Taecyon of 2PM (again!) – I’m beginning to notice something that’s required to be the next Rain. Can you guess?

    Taecyon of 2PM

  5. Taeyang of Big Bang – I didn’t know the group until 2NE1 made their debut with the song Lollipop. I also like 2NE1, I’m more intrigued because Sandara is there.

    Taeyang of Big Bang

  6. Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 – He was first recognized here in the Korean adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. He got my attention only because of his hair, but honestly, I like Kim Bum better 😛  But I have to say, Kim Hyun Joong’s change of image has gotten more appeal to girls. 
  7. Park Yoo Choon of TVXQ – Or Micky as he is often called. He was also on a drama Sungkyunkwan Scandaland has become more famous because of this.

    Park Yoo-Chun Micky

These boys all have the talent – they can all dance, sing, act and most of all, they all have bodies that attract the attention of millions of fans. Who’s your vote for the next Rain?