Agar agar bars

One afternoon, my mother in-law raided the cupboards in the kitchen and saw there were lots of agar agar (gulaman in tagalog) bars and…just lots of it. She initially wanted to make Cathedral’s window, but there was a problem. We didn’t know the recipe and well, some of the ingredients were missing.

But she cooked the red, green, white and yellow agar agar bars anyway; just putting the right amount of sugar in each batch. While it was cooling down, she searched the cupboard again and saw a can of coconut milk. Without further ado, she simmered the coconut milk, put in a little amount of sugar and voila! It’s an improvised dessert already – we just don’t know what to call it.

It’s cooked agar agar with coconut milk  – a simple and improvised, yet delicious, refreshing and colorful dessert made by my mother in law.  Chill first before eating! 😀

The improvised jelly in coconut milk dessert