A villain or a hero?

He is known as the unluckiest man in Hollywood. He was supposed to be Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter but was replaced with Robert Pattinson. He also auditioned for James Bond, but was too young to be playing the role thus Daniel Craig was chosen. He was the director’s (McG) choice to play Superman in 2004, but when the director was replaced by Bryan Singer, the lead actor was also replaced, therefore Brandon Routh got the role. Stephenie Meyer called him the ‘perfect Edward’ for the movie Twilight, but he was too old when filming began so the role went to Robert Pattinson again. This man is named Henry Cavill, the next Superman.

Honestly speaking, I still need a lot of convincing before I can say I like Henry Cavill as the new actor to wear the red cape. Another thing, I have never heard of him – seriously. Well, Brandon Routh is another ‘never heard’ in my vocabulary until I saw the trailer and it was an instant two-thumbs up. As for this actor, the picture got me interested. First reaction was: Is this for real or another one of those photoshopped photos circulating the net, made by some geek who had a LOT of time in his hands? But no. It is official, it’s for real. Violent reaction: Superman looks like a villain now…I don’t know if it’s because of Cavill’s eyes or the dark tone of the picture…it’s just a picture, I still need to see if he can do justice to the role.

And since it is official, they have also released a list of the cast, and it is as follows:

Henry Cavill – Superman / Clark Kent

Amy Adams – Lois Lane

Russel Crowe – Jor-El

Michael Shannon – General Zod

Kevin Costner – Jonathan Kent

Diane Lane – Martha Kent

Laurence Fishburne – Perry White (rumored, still unconfirmed)

Julia Ormond – Lara Lor-Van

Antje Traue – Faora

The film is to be directed by Zack Snyder. Some of the films he directed were Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen,  and Sucker Punch (for my blog about Sucker Punch, please click on this link  https://bokutoupdtokyo.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/sucker-punch/

If there is a General Zod then this means were going back to the start of the history of the Superman franchise, I really can’t tell if this will be interesting enough to see. I say there’s a lot of pressure on Cavill right now to do justice with the role, and let’s give the guy a chance.