I may sound like I’m promoting this Japanese sushi reataurant, but I’d like to tell you now, I’m not (for my previous blog about Sakae Sushi, please check out this link https://bokutoupdtokyo.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/my-sakae-sushi-experience/ . It just so happenedthat my husband asked me to there on a ‘date’ last Saturday. During the time we were eating, I noticed there were more foreigners who ate – mostly Koreans and Japanese.

They added another color coded plate, purple plate!

A few things I noticed as soon as we sat down, there was a new color coded purple plate. It was the same price as the red plate and we’ve got several of it. There was the usual tamago sushi, tobiko sushi, fish tempura, salmon sushi, tuna sushi and the salmon sushi topped with asparagus, thinly sliced onions and japanese mayonnaise.

My favorite - salmon sushi! The best!

Tuna sushi

Tobiko sushi

Then there’s also new items on the conveyor belt such as the maki with beni shoga (red, pickled ginger), tamago (egg), cucumber, kani stick (crab stick) and mushroom; then there’s the kani sushi, tofu covered in brown, really tasty sauce, another type of maki with tamago and kani inside – I just have no idea what the purple thingy is called that covered the rice. Here are the photos of some of the new items last Saturday.

Tofu dish with delicious brown sauce - definitely a must try for tofu lovers

A maki with beni shoga, tamago, cucumber, kani, and mushroom

3 pieces of maki with ebi and lettuce inside

Didn't eat this one, but it has kani, tamago and cucumber

The looooong line of sushi and maki at the conveyor belt