This is a Korean show on TvN channel – and no, this is not a dating show. This is a show where they ‘entrap’ a ‘bad boyfriend’ by using a lure (you know what this is – a pretty girl), oh and they use hidden cameras as well. The pretty girl simply has to seduce the boyfriend, kind of like a test for the boyfriend. This is a show that reveals the boyfriend’s REAL personality when the girlfriend is away and when he is faced with temptation. The entrapment situation usually involves a group date, the pretty girl goes out with the boyfriend along with another couple (accomplices as well); like I said, there are hidden cameras at different angles, the girlfriend, along with two other hosts watch and listen to what’s happening at a different location, usually a studio. At the end of the episode they reveal to the boyfriend that everything was a set up, and he and his girlfriend talk it out, alone, without the hosts. Then they have the couple walk towards each other, letting the girl decide if she would forgive or break up with the guy. If she walks past the guy then she’s dumping him.

        So far I’ve watched five episodes, and in those episodes, only one girl actually broke up with her evil boyfriend. Honestly, I don’t know why the other four girls decided to give their boyfriends another chance when all the guys did was to ask money from them, gamble, take them for granted, abusing them, looking and hitting at other girls, asking the pretty girl to go to a motel with him and other things that will make your blood boil. For me, if a guy does all these things, (even if it’s just one of the things listed above) it’s sayonara! No explanations needed. I don’t know why after seeing all those behaviors from their boyfriends, the girlfriends still decide to forgive – stupidity or …I don’t know what else to say anymore! At least  now, there’s one girl who finally used her brain.

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