Today at KFC, lunchtime. And we all know too well what kind of chaos it is when its lunchtime in fastfood restaurants, right? James and I were just a person away from ordering at the counter, when sudenly, a boy (about 6 – 8 years old) gets in front of us. I thought he might be the son of the woman in front of us who was already paying for the food she ordered. For a few more seconds I observed the boy as he inched his way until he was in the line, and I saw he was holding a P100 bill. Just before the woman got her change, I told James that the kid was going to buy something and he just got in front of us (sneaky kid!), James called the boy’s attention and asked him if he knew the woman in front of him; he didn’t exactly say yes or no, he couldn’t give an answer at all. That was when James asked him to go at the back and fall in line – which he obeyed. Good boy? Not exactly. Seriously, I think some of you might be saying why didn’t you just let the boy get ahead of you? He’s just a kid. Well, he’s a kid alright – at 6 to 8 years old he’s already going to school, has learned to fall in line and wait for his turn (that is still taught in elementary schools, right?). Why couldn’t he do that outside the school? Hasn’t he learned anything? Or the worse question is, hasn’t his parents taught him anything? I’m not about to give that boy a chance just because he’s a kid – heck, how is he supposed to learn manners that way?