Seriously, who’s going to win? Of course, the answer is obvious. But I’m not here to really talk about what happens on dog fights; I LOVE dogs so much that at one time, I’ve had four of them at the same time – all different breeds. I’ve had a black labrador which my brother named ‘Daniel’ (RIP), a Dalmatian named ‘Antonne’ (RIP) – the oldest of the pack, he just passed away last April – I miss him so much…we also had ‘Sonic’ (RIP), he’s a Chow-chow and shi-tzu mix and Max, my 2 year old Rottweiler who has a very big appetite, Pom-pom, my 1 year old Pomeranian spitz and Chibi, my 4 month old Pomeranian.

This is a video of Max and Pom-pom playing – actually, it’s more of Pom humping Max. They’re both male dogs so it’s pretty funny watching Pom humping Max, who is four times his size, hehe! This is exactly the reason why I got Chibi – she’ll be Pom’s girlfriend when she grows up 😀

This video was taken November 2010, before Pom had a haircut for the summer months (April to May)



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