I just want to share this video I found in Youtube. Performers include f(x) (why do I always think Amber is a lesbian? It’s not just about her short hair, really. There’s something else I can’t point out) Shinee – I’m not really into them. Super Junior – what else can I say? I love these guys! SNSD – for me, they’re just one of those girl groups that look alike…it’s like “which SNSD girl is your favorite?” “…the one with the long, curly brown hair…the one with beautiful legs…” “Uhm…they all look like that!” TVXQ – I kinda like these guys too 😀 BoA – who doesn’t know her?

The video lasts for thirteen minutes, but only showed highlights of their performance. Well, I won’t be writing much here, just enjoy the video 😀