Cuteness! 😀

Chibi is my 4 month old Pomeranian. I began training / teaching her the command ‘sit’ just a week ago, and she already learned it. She’s the youngest dog I ever trained. Comparing with Pom, (who I trained when he was nearly a year old) Chibi is often distracted with everything around her, always the curious, hyper puppy who will chew on anything she can get her little canines on. I needed more patience with her. But it paid off in the end. I just did the same technique I applied with Pom-pom, giving her a treat and praising her whenever she performs the command correctly. I’m now on teaching her the command ‘down’ – she’s getting the hang of it. Just a few more days and I can brag about my 4 month old puppy who already knows two basic commands 😀

"I'm going through an ugly duckling phase now, please be patient until all my furs grow. At least now I know the command 'sit'."