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Cuteness! 😀

Chibi is my 4 month old Pomeranian. I began training / teaching her the command ‘sit’ just a week ago, and she already learned it. She’s the youngest dog I ever trained. Comparing with Pom, (who I trained when he was nearly a year old) Chibi is often distracted with everything around her, always the curious, hyper puppy who will chew on anything she can get her little canines on. I needed more patience with her. But it paid off in the end. I just did the same technique I applied with Pom-pom, giving her a treat and praising her whenever she performs the command correctly. I’m now on teaching her the command ‘down’ – she’s getting the hang of it. Just a few more days and I can brag about my 4 month old puppy who already knows two basic commands 😀

"I'm going through an ugly duckling phase now, please be patient until all my furs grow. At least now I know the command 'sit'."




I just want to share this video I found in Youtube. Performers include f(x) (why do I always think Amber is a lesbian? It’s not just about her short hair, really. There’s something else I can’t point out) Shinee – I’m not really into them. Super Junior – what else can I say? I love these guys! SNSD – for me, they’re just one of those girl groups that look alike…it’s like “which SNSD girl is your favorite?” “…the one with the long, curly brown hair…the one with beautiful legs…” “Uhm…they all look like that!” TVXQ – I kinda like these guys too 😀 BoA – who doesn’t know her?

The video lasts for thirteen minutes, but only showed highlights of their performance. Well, I won’t be writing much here, just enjoy the video 😀



After Heechul enlisted in the army just this month, it is now Leeteuk’s turn. He announced his plans on going into the army next year on an interview after SM Town Live in Tokyo Dome, Japan. After his statement, he jokingly said: “I’m saying this so I don’t get hateful comments such as “I’m saying this so I don’t get hateful comments such as ‘Just go the the army’.”

So what will happen to Super Junior now?

A Rottweiler vs. Pomeranian?

Seriously, who’s going to win? Of course, the answer is obvious. But I’m not here to really talk about what happens on dog fights; I LOVE dogs so much that at one time, I’ve had four of them at the same time – all different breeds. I’ve had a black labrador which my brother named ‘Daniel’ (RIP), a Dalmatian named ‘Antonne’ (RIP) – the oldest of the pack, he just passed away last April – I miss him so much…we also had ‘Sonic’ (RIP), he’s a Chow-chow and shi-tzu mix and Max, my 2 year old Rottweiler who has a very big appetite, Pom-pom, my 1 year old Pomeranian spitz and Chibi, my 4 month old Pomeranian.

This is a video of Max and Pom-pom playing – actually, it’s more of Pom humping Max. They’re both male dogs so it’s pretty funny watching Pom humping Max, who is four times his size, hehe! This is exactly the reason why I got Chibi – she’ll be Pom’s girlfriend when she grows up 😀

This video was taken November 2010, before Pom had a haircut for the summer months (April to May)



For more videos of my dogs, you can check out my Youtube channel:



Kimi wa Petto manga by Yayoi Ogawa

Kimi wa Petto was originally a manga by Yayoi Ogawa, and in 2003 it was made into a Japanese drama spanning ten episodes, starring Jun Matsumoto & Koyuki. I thought Jun Matsumoto was cute here, hehe! Oh, if you have no idea who Jun Matsumoto is, Google search the J-pop group ARASHI, you’ll find out who he is 😀

Kimi wa Petto - Japanese series

Jun Matsumoto and Koyuki

Another pic for Jang Geun-Suk and Kim Ha-neul

Neoneun Pet on the other hand, is the Korean remake of the said Japanese drama, only this time, it’s been made into a movie. Starring Jang Geun Suk (Maerineun Oebakjoong or Marry Me Mary, sometimes known as Mary Stayed Out All Night and One Missed Call Final) and Kim Ha-neul (gosh, I really find it difficult to write Korean names!) I thought they were going to make it as a drama too, but I was surprised to find out it was a movie to be shown in Korea November 2011 and January 2012 in Japan.


Geun-suk as In-ho

Both the Japanese and Korean titles mean You’re my Pet. In the Japanese drama, Iwaya Sumire (Koyuki) finds a man (Jun Matsumoto) inside a box and takes him home. She found him looking like the dog she once had as a kid and gives him the name “Momo”. Little did she know that Momo is Goda Takeshi – a dance prodigy.

Now, which could be better? The Japanese drama or the Korean movie with the same story? Honestly, I don’t like the way Japanese actors act – to sum it up in one word, corny. I’m really curious as to how the Korean version would fit the whole story into one movie. But, they’ve just finished filming the movie, I wish they would show it here too – but I doubt that’s going to happen.

Last day of filming for the movie

Jang Geun-suk and Kim Ha-Neul


Today at KFC, lunchtime. And we all know too well what kind of chaos it is when its lunchtime in fastfood restaurants, right? James and I were just a person away from ordering at the counter, when sudenly, a boy (about 6 – 8 years old) gets in front of us. I thought he might be the son of the woman in front of us who was already paying for the food she ordered. For a few more seconds I observed the boy as he inched his way until he was in the line, and I saw he was holding a P100 bill. Just before the woman got her change, I told James that the kid was going to buy something and he just got in front of us (sneaky kid!), James called the boy’s attention and asked him if he knew the woman in front of him; he didn’t exactly say yes or no, he couldn’t give an answer at all. That was when James asked him to go at the back and fall in line – which he obeyed. Good boy? Not exactly. Seriously, I think some of you might be saying why didn’t you just let the boy get ahead of you? He’s just a kid. Well, he’s a kid alright – at 6 to 8 years old he’s already going to school, has learned to fall in line and wait for his turn (that is still taught in elementary schools, right?). Why couldn’t he do that outside the school? Hasn’t he learned anything? Or the worse question is, hasn’t his parents taught him anything? I’m not about to give that boy a chance just because he’s a kid – heck, how is he supposed to learn manners that way?

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