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I just watched Beast’s live performance of their song, FICTION. Wait a minute, just how do you read this: B2ST? I heard someone read this as B-TWO’s-T, but I would rather read this as Beast. I’m not really a fan, even if they already had a concert here – around the time they were promoting their song “SHOCK”. Somewhat they got my attention because of the song; but it wasn’t enough for me to become really a fan. Just enough for me to recognize who they are. In my k-pop group ratings, they simply fall in the middle, I neither hate them or love them.

Fiction – the song is pretty catchy but still not enough to get me hooked on. And no, I’m not being SJ or MBLAQ biased ( I ignored these two groups for more than a year before the boys or the song grew on me).

The dance – not so much on choreography here. I don’t know why they chose that dance step during the chorus, the little crisscrossing steps while the hands are inside the pants pocket. It’s like saying they didn’t have enough to pay for the choreographer or just too lazy to think of a new dance step.

Beast fans are probably going to hate me for this, but this is just my opinion, I’m not bashing Beast or anything; like I said I neither hate them or love them.

Below is the video with lyrics and English translation of the song.

FICTION (lyrics)

ajik nan neol itji motago
modeungeol da mitji motago
ireoke neol bonaeji motago oneuldo

dasi mandeureobolge uri iyagi kkeutnaji anke aju ginagin
salgacheul pago seumyeodeuneun sangsilgameun jamsi mudeodulge
saero sseo naeryeoga sijageun haengbokhage utgo inneun neowa na
nega nal tteonaji motage baegyeongeun chulguga eomneun jobeun bang an

amureochi anke nege kiseuhago
dalkomhan neoui gyeoteul tteonagajil motae
urin kkeuchiraneungeon eobseo

ireoke nan tto (Fiction in Fiction)
itji motago (Fiction in Fiction)
nae gaseum soge kkeutnaji anheul iyagil sseugo isseo
neol butjabeulge (Fiction in Fiction)
nochi anheulge (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
kkeutnaji anheun neowa naui iyagi sogeseo oneuldo in Fiction

jigeum yeogin haengbokhan iyagideulbakke eobseo
neomu haengbokhan uri dulmanui iyagiga ireoke (hyeonsilgwaneun dareuge)
sseo isseo jeomjeom chaewojigo isseo

neoneun naegero dallyeowaseo angigo
pum ane angin neoreul naneun jeoldae nochi motae
urin kkeuchiraneungeon eobseo

ireoke nan tto (Fiction in Fiction)
kkeunchi motago (Fiction in Fiction)
nae gaseum soge kkeutnaji anheul iyagil sseugo isseo
neol butjabeulge (Fiction in Fiction)
nochi anheulge (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
kkeutnaji anheun neowa naui iyagi sogeseo oneuldo in Fiction

dasi han beon deo malhajiman
jigeum neoneun nae yeope itdago geureoke mitgo isseo nan

(hajiman Fiction)
nan mokjeogeul irheobeorin jakga i soseorui
kkeuteun eotteoke mamuri jieoya hae
saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae i se geuljaman sseo
naeryeoga mudyeojin pen nunmullo eollukjin nalgeun jongi wiro
haengbokhal sudo seulpeul sudo eobseo i iyagineun

jigeum nan neomunado haengbokhan saenggage iyagireul sseujiman
modeunge baramil ppunirago yeojeonhi

nan haengbokhangeol (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
uri hamkkeingeol (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
ije sijagingeol (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
kkeuteun eomneungeol (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)


I still can’t forget you
I still can’t trust everything
Even today I can’t send you away like this

I will rewrite it again, our story will not end
I will bury the fact that reality is seeping into my skin for now
I rewrite it once again, the start beginning with you and I smiling happily
In case you will leave me, the background is a small room without an exit

I kiss you as if there is nothing wrong
I can’t leave your sweet presence
There is no such thing as an end for us

Like this again (Fiction in Fiction)
I can’t forget you (Fiction in Fiction)
I am writing the story that will never end in my heart

I will hold on to you (Fiction in Fiction)
I won’t let you go (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
Even today, I’m still in the story of you and I that hasn’t ended, in Fiction

Right now, there are only happy stories here
The very happy stories of just the two of us (Different from reality)
Is written here, it’s slowly filling up

I run towards you and embrace you
I can’t never let you go from my embrace (I can’t)
There is no such thing as an end for us

Like this again (Fiction in Fiction)
I can’t end it (Fiction in Fiction)
I am writing the story that will never end in my heart

I will hold on to you (Fiction in Fiction)
I won’t let you go (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
Even today, I’m still in the story of you and I that hasn’t ended, in Fiction

I will say this again, one more time
Right now you are next to me
I’m believing that

(But Fiction)
I’m the writer who lost his purpose
The end of this novel, how am I supposed to write it
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,
I keep writing these 3 words
Setting the warn out pen on the old paper stained in tears
This story can’t be happy or sad

Right now I’m writing such a happy story
But it is all just a wish still

I’m happy (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
We are together (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
Now is the start (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)
There is no end (Fiction in Fiction in Fiction)



Yes, you read that right. Rain is now officially enlisted in the army for the mandatory military service for 2 years. Imagine that, no more Rain in K-pop industry for 24 months! It’s not like I cried over this stuff but some fans are just hard core that they cried – saddened to see their idol go. I’m a fan too but crying over Rain is one of the things I WOULDN’T be doing. He didn’t die! Even if he did, I wouldn’t cry over him, I’ll be sad but not to the point where I would hysterically cry and faint. Well, so much for that. Below is the video before he went into the military.



there are no subtitles though, sorry for that.



This is just a video of Nogi eating his dinner. We we’re just amazed at how he gulps – yes, I said gulp because he doesn’t even chew his food! He is half Chibi’s size, but he can eat twice as much the food Chibi eats (if we let him).  He’s has too much energy and chases everyone, especially me; and as a proof of that, I have scratches on my legs 😦   I’m too scared to clip off his nails, even if I ask the vet to do that it would seem impossible because Nogi doesn’t want to stay in one place!

An update: Nogi is now free of fleas! The wounds on his back are all dried up – fur is gone in the area where he had the wounds, but it will grow back in a few months! By the way, the barking in the background is Max, my 2 year old Rottweiler – he wants his dinner too! haha!



No skewers are needed, it still tasted great even without the other vegetable ingredients!


I made some Korean chicken dish again today – I just don’t know what to call it now. I got the recipe from Aeri’s Kitchen in Youtube; the recipe’s name was 닭 꼬치 (dalg kkochi) or chicken skewers in english. But i didn’t use any skewers or any of the other ingredients like Korean peppers, bottoms of green onions or garlic cloves that was supposed to be with chicken in the skewer. I just cooked the chicken in the sauce according to the recipe. It still turned out good, I just used slices of cucumber to partner with the dish – perfect!






Main Ingredient
1 Chicken Breast

Sauce Ingredients
⅔ Cup Water, ¼ Cup Soy Sauce, 2 Tbsp
Cooking Wine (or Water), 1½ Tbsp Sugar,
2 Garlic Cloves, 1 Fingernail Size Ginger,
½ tsp Peppercorns, 1 Pinch Hot Pepper
Marinating Ingredients
1 tsp Cooking Wine, 2 Pinches
Salt, 2 Pinches Black Pepper


1. Slice chicken breast into cubes, add salt and pepper to taste.

2. Combine all ingredients for the sauce in a sauce pan, simmer over low heat. set aside.

3. Fry chicken in a pan until half cooked, pour half of the sauce into pan and cook chicken in high heat for 5 minutes, or until the sauce has dried.

4. Turn the chicken pieces and pour the remaining sauce, cook in heat until the sauce is dried. Serve with slices of cucumber or rice.

You can check out Aeri’s kitchen channel on Youtube for the complete recipe. This is my improvised version, but it still tasted great!


Who would have thought? Last month, there was an SM Town concert in Tokyo Dome, and even before this event, a lot of Korean k-pop artists are promoting in Japan. Heck, Bae Yong Joon has a ‘demi-god’ status there. What exactly happened?


The anti-Korean / racist, Takaoka Sousuke

Korea and Japan has a long history (can we say negative) together. Even when my husband & I went on a Corregidor tour, the tour guide said ‘it is a rule NOT to have the Koreans and Japanese together in one tour bus, or all hell will break lose.’ It was a joke – but jokes are half meant, right? So, going back to the topic, this all started when famous Japanese actor, Takaoka Sousuke tweeted his gripes about the proliferation of K-dramas on a specific Japanese TV station – FUJI TV. He accused the station of being pro-Korean, and that the dominance of Korean culture (music / dramas) was like “brainwashing.” He also said that he turns off the TV whenever he sees any Korean related content.

“I’ll never watch Channel 8 (Fuji TV) again. I often think it’s Korean TV. Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs.”

Since his tweets, he has received both negative and positive responses but it had cost him his career with his talent agency, Stardust Promotions.

“Stardust Promotion and I will now be parting ways. My tweets caused inconvenience to my agency and to the concerned parties. I am filled with gratitude. Thank you to everyone for your support,”

This incident caused the anti-korean wave  street demonstration in Tokyo with hundreds of Japanese airing the same sentiments as Takaoka. The demonstrators held their protests in front of Fuji TV, waved their placards that contain statements like “give us Japanese TV” and also sang KIMI GA YO, the Japanese national anthem. Fuiji TV has been accused of airing more Korean dramas such as “You’re Beautiful,” “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu,” “Coffee Prince,” and “Goong;” compared to other Japanese TV stations.


dokdo distance from Uleungdo island is 87.4km, compared to its distance from Oki island which is 157.5km

Now these protests have turned political. A Japanese politician said “Korean singers/actors donate the funds they get from their performances in Japan to Dokdo Island. In a way, Japan is funding the said island.” Dokdo (meaning solitary) island, also known as Liancourt Rocks, is a group of small islets in the Japan Sea (East Sea). The two countries have been having disputes over this island, as it is already being administered by South Korea and has its Coast Guard stationed there. Japan has started the anti-Korea campaign this year – being ‘HATE KOREA YEAR 2011.’

One of the black vans GAISENSHA

The use of GAISENSHA – black vans which freely broadcast hate-speech on the streets of Japan. This is just one part of the plan. What is the more effective way of spreading the ‘hate’ to different people? Technology…internet…TWITTER! Japanese citizens are being encouraged to share their ‘hate thoughts’ on all things Korean on ‘hate_korea hashtag.’ Everyone was encouraged to add the ‘hashtag’ to their twitter messages no matter what the subject was to raise awareness of the anti-Korean Wave.


Kenkanryu >_<

Japan is known for its manga, so what’s a better way to express opinions and reach thousands of people about the anti Korean wave? With Kenkanryu, of course! Kenkanryu (Hating the Korean Wave or Hate Korea: A Comic) is a controversial manga by Yamano Sharin, about Korean-Japanese disputes and anti Korean sentiments in Japan. The main topics in the manga include 2002 FIFA World Cup game scandal, Japanese compensation to Korea for colonial rules, Opposition to Zainichi Koreans suffrage, Korean plagiarism of Japanese culture, criticism of pro-Korean Mass media in Japan, criticism of Hangul (Korean alphabet, Japan-Korea Annexation, Dokdo Island dispute and Criticism of Hallyu (Korean wave) in Japan.


Lim Su-jeong

She’s a South Korean kickboxing star who has won several awards in the past years. Known as “Beautiful Fighter” to her fans, she appeared on a Japanese TV show FLAMES SPORTS COMPETITION – and it turned ugly. Lim Su-jeong was seriously injured during the ‘competition’ which was supposed to be a MOCK MATCH with 3 Japanese comedians, namely: Kasuga Toshiakui, Shinagawa Hiroshi and Imada Shoji.  These 3 have backgrounds in martial arts. Lim has been knocked down several times by the kicks that were executed by the men. I have included a video of the said mock match below. I’m sorry if there are no subtitles 😦

As you can see on the video, Lim is the ONLY one who was NOT wearing a headgear. Why she agreed to this is still a puzzle for me but with the tensions between the two countries, this could easily be interpreted as an intentional act of humiliation, because it looked as if the men were taking it seriously –  as so many people have the same opinion after seeing the video.


Last August 17, 2011 K-pop group B2ST or Beast if you prefer – were held at the immigration and was forced to go back to Korea. The same incident happened with CNBLUE last August 31. Were the Japanese doing this on purpose? To think that these groups have already been in Japan promoting their albums and doing some performances, why wouldn’t they let them go this time? One of the investigative news agency from TvN went to find out what really happened and it was reported that the Japanese government now requires “Entertainment Visa” for groups like these. I don’t know if this is just for Korean groups though…


I don’t know what the heck invaded these narrow minded Japanese people (The anti-hallyu only). Could it be that they are envious now that Korea is being recognized all over the world because of the hallyu? Well, they couldn’t achieve what the Koreans are achieving now…

This has turned Political, meaning the Japanese are still bearing grudges until now? Weren’t they the ones who invaded Korea and other Asian countries during the second world war? I live in a country that has also been invaded by Japan and frankly speaking, even if this is not about Hallyu anymore it is still SO, VERY, VERY WRONG to promote / spread hate among other people. Are they just looking for a loop hole so they can vent out their anger against Koreans? Why start the hate again?

A single tweet that caused all this is too much. For now it’s about hating the Korean Wave and everything Korean, what’s next? Other Asian countries as well? I hope not, because this is definitely not a good sign >_<


I’m currently writing about anti-hallyu incidents…this is probably old news but it came as a shock to me when I found out about this last night. What is wrong with these people?! When I say people, I meant those Japanese anti-hallyu (s) who seemed to embrace and personify the word ‘hate.’ Please take note that I’m not referring to all Japanese people here. Just those who are VERY narrow minded and, can I say insecure? My blog will be up in an hour, I can’t wait to finish it too – I need to get my thoughts out!


A black lab or a beagle? You decide...

Chibi has a housemate now, a black beagle pup.” That was the text message my mom sent me almost three weeks ago. I thought, a black beagle pup? I had no idea there were black beagles…but there was. Excitedly, I googled some pics of black beagles and sure enough, there were really black beagles. So I had an idea on how the pup would look like and I was excited to go home.

I was a bit disappointed when I finally saw the puppy. He didn’t look like a beagle at all! He looked like a Labrador – seriously. Well, the neighbor said the pup IS a beagle. I was thinking more like a beagle mix (of some breed I’ll probably never find out) but I’m still thankful we have a new puppy. That makes FOUR dogs in total – Max the Rottweiler, Pom-pom and Chibi, the Pomeranian spitz and Whitey, the beagle/lab puppy. Uhm, thankful…hold that thought. As I held Whitey, I saw that he was INFESTED with fleas; to describe, I can safely say he was a factory of those damn parasites! He was black but I can see the fleas crawling and I knew he had to be checked by a vet, ASAP.

The neighbor who gave us the pup said Whitey came from his relative who loves dogs – uh-huh…right…LOVES dogs? This is where I realized the fine line between being a DOG LOVER and KNOWING how to properly take care of your dogs. If Whitey came from a family that loves dogs, then he shouldn’t be in that poor, flea infested condition in the first place. And, as a pup, if he had those MANY fleas, then what about the mother dog? I could only imagine the worse. But, I’m glad to say, Whitey had just got his first shot of a deworming vaccine, and his fleas has GREATLY decreased in number. I don’t see any more fleas, but I still have to apply the anti flea powder every now and then and keep him away from my other dogs, until I make sure he’s parasite free.

His name is Whitey, but I like to call him Nogi-nogi.

Whitey’s next vet appointment is next week, for another deworming shot. Other than that, Whitey is full of energy and eats a LOT! Oh, and when he wants to go out, he will literally cry/sound like a baby; that for more than a couple of times we actually thought there was a baby crying in the garage!

Do I still need to answer why he is named Whitey? Hehe! But I prefer to call him Nogi-nogi!

Can you guess what breed he is? 😀

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