A black lab or a beagle? You decide...

Chibi has a housemate now, a black beagle pup.” That was the text message my mom sent me almost three weeks ago. I thought, a black beagle pup? I had no idea there were black beagles…but there was. Excitedly, I googled some pics of black beagles and sure enough, there were really black beagles. So I had an idea on how the pup would look like and I was excited to go home.

I was a bit disappointed when I finally saw the puppy. He didn’t look like a beagle at all! He looked like a Labrador – seriously. Well, the neighbor said the pup IS a beagle. I was thinking more like a beagle mix (of some breed I’ll probably never find out) but I’m still thankful we have a new puppy. That makes FOUR dogs in total – Max the Rottweiler, Pom-pom and Chibi, the Pomeranian spitz and Whitey, the beagle/lab puppy. Uhm, thankful…hold that thought. As I held Whitey, I saw that he was INFESTED with fleas; to describe, I can safely say he was a factory of those damn parasites! He was black but I can see the fleas crawling and I knew he had to be checked by a vet, ASAP.

The neighbor who gave us the pup said Whitey came from his relative who loves dogs – uh-huh…right…LOVES dogs? This is where I realized the fine line between being a DOG LOVER and KNOWING how to properly take care of your dogs. If Whitey came from a family that loves dogs, then he shouldn’t be in that poor, flea infested condition in the first place. And, as a pup, if he had those MANY fleas, then what about the mother dog? I could only imagine the worse. But, I’m glad to say, Whitey had just got his first shot of a deworming vaccine, and his fleas has GREATLY decreased in number. I don’t see any more fleas, but I still have to apply the anti flea powder every now and then and keep him away from my other dogs, until I make sure he’s parasite free.

His name is Whitey, but I like to call him Nogi-nogi.

Whitey’s next vet appointment is next week, for another deworming shot. Other than that, Whitey is full of energy and eats a LOT! Oh, and when he wants to go out, he will literally cry/sound like a baby; that for more than a couple of times we actually thought there was a baby crying in the garage!

Do I still need to answer why he is named Whitey? Hehe! But I prefer to call him Nogi-nogi!

Can you guess what breed he is? 😀