Who would have thought? Last month, there was an SM Town concert in Tokyo Dome, and even before this event, a lot of Korean k-pop artists are promoting in Japan. Heck, Bae Yong Joon has a ‘demi-god’ status there. What exactly happened?


The anti-Korean / racist, Takaoka Sousuke

Korea and Japan has a long history (can we say negative) together. Even when my husband & I went on a Corregidor tour, the tour guide said ‘it is a rule NOT to have the Koreans and Japanese together in one tour bus, or all hell will break lose.’ It was a joke – but jokes are half meant, right? So, going back to the topic, this all started when famous Japanese actor, Takaoka Sousuke tweeted his gripes about the proliferation of K-dramas on a specific Japanese TV station – FUJI TV. He accused the station of being pro-Korean, and that the dominance of Korean culture (music / dramas) was like “brainwashing.” He also said that he turns off the TV whenever he sees any Korean related content.

“I’ll never watch Channel 8 (Fuji TV) again. I often think it’s Korean TV. Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs.”

Since his tweets, he has received both negative and positive responses but it had cost him his career with his talent agency, Stardust Promotions.

“Stardust Promotion and I will now be parting ways. My tweets caused inconvenience to my agency and to the concerned parties. I am filled with gratitude. Thank you to everyone for your support,”

This incident caused the anti-korean wave  street demonstration in Tokyo with hundreds of Japanese airing the same sentiments as Takaoka. The demonstrators held their protests in front of Fuji TV, waved their placards that contain statements like “give us Japanese TV” and also sang KIMI GA YO, the Japanese national anthem. Fuiji TV has been accused of airing more Korean dramas such as “You’re Beautiful,” “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu,” “Coffee Prince,” and “Goong;” compared to other Japanese TV stations.


dokdo distance from Uleungdo island is 87.4km, compared to its distance from Oki island which is 157.5km

Now these protests have turned political. A Japanese politician said “Korean singers/actors donate the funds they get from their performances in Japan to Dokdo Island. In a way, Japan is funding the said island.” Dokdo (meaning solitary) island, also known as Liancourt Rocks, is a group of small islets in the Japan Sea (East Sea). The two countries have been having disputes over this island, as it is already being administered by South Korea and has its Coast Guard stationed there. Japan has started the anti-Korea campaign this year – being ‘HATE KOREA YEAR 2011.’

One of the black vans GAISENSHA

The use of GAISENSHA – black vans which freely broadcast hate-speech on the streets of Japan. This is just one part of the plan. What is the more effective way of spreading the ‘hate’ to different people? Technology…internet…TWITTER! Japanese citizens are being encouraged to share their ‘hate thoughts’ on all things Korean on ‘hate_korea hashtag.’ Everyone was encouraged to add the ‘hashtag’ to their twitter messages no matter what the subject was to raise awareness of the anti-Korean Wave.


Kenkanryu >_<

Japan is known for its manga, so what’s a better way to express opinions and reach thousands of people about the anti Korean wave? With Kenkanryu, of course! Kenkanryu (Hating the Korean Wave or Hate Korea: A Comic) is a controversial manga by Yamano Sharin, about Korean-Japanese disputes and anti Korean sentiments in Japan. The main topics in the manga include 2002 FIFA World Cup game scandal, Japanese compensation to Korea for colonial rules, Opposition to Zainichi Koreans suffrage, Korean plagiarism of Japanese culture, criticism of pro-Korean Mass media in Japan, criticism of Hangul (Korean alphabet, Japan-Korea Annexation, Dokdo Island dispute and Criticism of Hallyu (Korean wave) in Japan.


Lim Su-jeong

She’s a South Korean kickboxing star who has won several awards in the past years. Known as “Beautiful Fighter” to her fans, she appeared on a Japanese TV show FLAMES SPORTS COMPETITION – and it turned ugly. Lim Su-jeong was seriously injured during the ‘competition’ which was supposed to be a MOCK MATCH with 3 Japanese comedians, namely: Kasuga Toshiakui, Shinagawa Hiroshi and Imada Shoji.  These 3 have backgrounds in martial arts. Lim has been knocked down several times by the kicks that were executed by the men. I have included a video of the said mock match below. I’m sorry if there are no subtitles 😦

As you can see on the video, Lim is the ONLY one who was NOT wearing a headgear. Why she agreed to this is still a puzzle for me but with the tensions between the two countries, this could easily be interpreted as an intentional act of humiliation, because it looked as if the men were taking it seriously –  as so many people have the same opinion after seeing the video.


Last August 17, 2011 K-pop group B2ST or Beast if you prefer – were held at the immigration and was forced to go back to Korea. The same incident happened with CNBLUE last August 31. Were the Japanese doing this on purpose? To think that these groups have already been in Japan promoting their albums and doing some performances, why wouldn’t they let them go this time? One of the investigative news agency from TvN went to find out what really happened and it was reported that the Japanese government now requires “Entertainment Visa” for groups like these. I don’t know if this is just for Korean groups though…


I don’t know what the heck invaded these narrow minded Japanese people (The anti-hallyu only). Could it be that they are envious now that Korea is being recognized all over the world because of the hallyu? Well, they couldn’t achieve what the Koreans are achieving now…

This has turned Political, meaning the Japanese are still bearing grudges until now? Weren’t they the ones who invaded Korea and other Asian countries during the second world war? I live in a country that has also been invaded by Japan and frankly speaking, even if this is not about Hallyu anymore it is still SO, VERY, VERY WRONG to promote / spread hate among other people. Are they just looking for a loop hole so they can vent out their anger against Koreans? Why start the hate again?

A single tweet that caused all this is too much. For now it’s about hating the Korean Wave and everything Korean, what’s next? Other Asian countries as well? I hope not, because this is definitely not a good sign >_<