This is just a video of Nogi eating his dinner. We we’re just amazed at how he gulps – yes, I said gulp because he doesn’t even chew his food! He is half Chibi’s size, but he can eat twice as much the food Chibi eats (if we let him).  He’s has too much energy and chases everyone, especially me; and as a proof of that, I have scratches on my legs 😦   I’m too scared to clip off his nails, even if I ask the vet to do that it would seem impossible because Nogi doesn’t want to stay in one place!

An update: Nogi is now free of fleas! The wounds on his back are all dried up – fur is gone in the area where he had the wounds, but it will grow back in a few months! By the way, the barking in the background is Max, my 2 year old Rottweiler – he wants his dinner too! haha!