Is a 24 member girl group from…drumroll please! Hey, what do you know, they’re from Korea! I know what you’re saying – 24?! TWENTY-FOUR?! More than SNSD? More than Super Junior? What they hell were they thinking?!

Yeah, I had the same reaction like you did. I think I’ve read / heard every negative reaction / comment this group can get; because seriously, 24 girls in a group?! How will a ‘fan to be’ even remember their names? What about their introduction? That will probably take five to 8 minutes, maybe more. And how will you stand out to get someone’s attention when performing on stage when there are 24 of you in the group, basically in the same costume, holding microphones, performing the same dance steps and…yeah, it’s going to be confusing.

What was TGN thinking here? It was bad enough that I still do NOT know all the SNSD’s member’s names, often confusing them with other girl groups (yes, I’m not a fan but I don’t hate them) I just thought that if I had (or other people) had difficulty remembering names because they are nine in the group, how about twenty-four? According to TGN, the twenty-four member group will be divided into sub units, but I really don’t care right now >_<