is Little Prince Cedie when translated to English. This is a Japanese anime based on Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s book, Little Lord of Fauntleroy. This series was first aired in local channels and the first one to be dubbed in Tagalog. Yes, as far as I know, this is the very first japanese anime that was dubbed in tagalog and hearing something like that for the first time, it was quite funny for my ‘young ears’ at that time. I am sure that I was in 5th grade when this was aired because I managed to watch this every morning at 10:30, before I go to school in the afternoon.

I still remember the opening song for this anime. I didn’t know the title back then (I didn’t know how to read japanese at that time) but I still remember the melody even now. And because I know how to read Japanese now, I now know the title and can even sing the song with correct lyrics, haha!

Cedie is an American boy, whose real name is Cedric Errol – the sole heir to a British Earldom. When his father died, he leaves New York to live with his grandfather,    the Earl of Dorincourt in his ancestral castle. The Earl does not like Cedie’s middle class mother but softens up in the later episodes. He was taught to play the flute by his father, James Errol. I remember him always playing the piece Annie Laurie; and oh, the scene where played this piece without knowing that his father was already dying – is just heart wrenching. He also loves to play baseball, and even teaches the servants in the castle and even got his grandfather to play too!  Cedie is a nice boy, like all leading characters (what else can I say?)

There is one thing though that is still vivid in my memory – the dubber. Not the original Japanese dubber, but the tagalog one. She had a very unique voice that cannot be mistaken anywhere! At first, I couldn’t really tell if Cedie was a boy or a girl and the tagalog dubber’s voice did not help at all. It’s just one of those voices that’s in between a boy and a girl’s voice (check out the tagalog dub video below) The tagalog dubber name is Ollie de Guzman and she also dubbed Tsukino Usagi / Sailormoon – but I’ll get to that part very sooooon!

Knowing that the anime was now dubbed in Tagalog, it was funny and irritating at the same time. I remember thinking that time, ‘why didn’t they just show the English dub?’ (Oh, wait. Now I just realized, was there even an English dub to begin with?) I didn’t know that this was the start of dubbing Japanese animations to tagalog dubs. I know, I’ll be writing about what I can remember.  I kind of got used to the tagalong dubs, but since it was a first here, you can really hear the redundancies of the dialogs from time to time. You want a sample?

“Ang Wing Gundam ang pinakamalakas sa lahat ng Gundam, sapagkat sa lahat ng Gundam, ito ang pinakamalakas.” –  Heero Yuy’s tagalog dubbed line from Gundam Wing series shown in GMA7

And when translated to English:

“The Wing Gundam is the strongest of all Gundams because of all Gundams, it is the strongest.”

Doesn’t make sense right? It was slightly unnoticeable, but I did get a kick out of it when I heard it again and it is literally stuck in my head even after more than 10 years now. Got to blame the scriptwriters for the dub here.

Above is the opening for the anime.

This show got so famous that it had reruns and even got producers to make a movie – starring Tom Taus. And what is equally famous as well? Princess Sarah! But I’ll get to that part soooooon, as well!

(I should have written about some sentai series that were shown here during the 80’s, it’s not anime but it was part of my childhood – I’ll have to write about it next)