A few weeks ago, I bought two chew toys for Pom-pom and Chibi, my Pomeranian spitzes. A year ago, I bought Pom-pom a small, orange ball – it’s actually a squeaky chew toy which Chibi destroyed with her sharp puppy teeth. Pom-pom wasn’t able to destroy that ball even when he was a puppy but it took Chibi a week to actually tear the toy apart like paper.

So I decided to buy two squeaky toys, an orange one (the exact same toy for Pom-pom) and a white one for Chibi.  For some reason, Chibi prefers the orange ball over the white one. Then, when I tried to give the white ball to Pom-pom, he just smelled it and looked for his orange ball.  I thought dogs don’t really care about toys…was I so wrong about this! And one more thing I noticed – Pom-pom seems to have a favorite color which is orange.  I’m saying this because I bought him an orange squeaky donut chew toy and he liked it so much that even when it was torn apart, he still looks for it and wants to play with it.  So dogs have color preference as well? 🙂