It’s been six months since Nogi came to us as a flea infested pup. Well, he’s grown bigger now, even his ears are up and now we call him ‘Batdog’ – his ears are just too big for his head! I am glad to say that all the fleas are gone, and he’s got a shiny coat now (even after developing mange and losing his fur because of excessive scratching) and the neighbors are even surprised he’s all healthy now. I had the vet check him up, gave him shots for the mange, I bought anti-flea shampoo and powder and even bought ‘IN-DIET’, a food supplement (brand) for dogs that eliminate breath stink and improves their fur quality. We give our four dogs this food supplement every day.

I don’t think Nogi will grow any bigger though. If our guess is right (we all think Nogi’s a native dog breed and nothing more; unlike what our neighbor said that Nogi’s a beagle breed) and I think we all are, then he’s not going to be doing a lot of growing anymore.

He is Max’s new toy now. Yeah, now that I need to buy Max another ball – he lost his favorite green ball in a very grassy area at the vacant lot near our house while he was chasing a cat (who held on for dear life on a middle of a tree while Max could only look up in frustration), Max dropped the ball somewhere and forgot all about it when I called him back. So now, Nogi is Max’s new toy. Max, the ever gentle giant, would play with Nogi with a lot of patience. It would look like Max is somewhat tearing Nogi’s head away from its body but it’s all play!

The video below was taken last January 21 of this year, Max had never hurt Nogi while they are playing.

Nogi loves attention (just like any other dog, right?) and when you approach him, his ears would go sideways, his tail would wag like there’s no tomorrow and he’ll almost lie down on the ground (just like melting) as soon as you touch him. But do NOT ever approach him when he’s eating – this is the only time when he doesn’t want attention from anyone else. All our three dogs, Max, Pom and Chibi, we can approach them while they’re eating, pet them on the head and even put out hand in their food bowl and they wouldn’t complain. Nogi is a different story; he loves his food and nothing will and can get him to stop eating once his bowl is set down and he starts eating– he will growl and growl until you leave him alone. This trait of his reminds me of Antonne, our Dalmatian who passed away last year due to old age.

Other than that, Nogi is just another sweet dog who loves attention, food, loves to run and play and be Max’s toy