I must have screamed that a hundred times already inside my head.  Out of the many, many times I’ve gone out to watch a movie with my husband or with friends, there would always be people who don’t have manners. I know it’s impossible to have a complete peace when watching a movie with strangers, everyone’s different – but some can’t simply shut up and concentrate on what they are watching. These are some of the worst experiences I’ve had while watching a movie.

1.    The kid and his dad (who’s a complete idiot) – My husband and I were peacefully watching G.I. Joe along with other people when, in the middle of the movie, this big idiot of a dad behind us started asking questions (audibly) about the movie to his eight-year old daughter. Questions like ‘why did those certain characters did that kind of thing?’ or ‘who is that character?’ or ‘what does that character have to do with that other character?’ Questions that need a lot of explaination as answers – and the kid (who obviously had already watched the movie before) gave explanations as accurate as she could, and as audible as her dad was.

2.   I will smash that cell phone! – Some people are just plain thick faced as to have their cell phones ringing while watching the movie (same thing goes inside the church) on full volume!  And they have to search their own bag or purse for a few more seconds before they finally grab hold of the phone and put it on silent mode. Some just disconnect the call and do NOT even have the heart to put their phone in silent mode, and then it rings again a few minutes later!

3.   Damn those noisy plastic bags! – I know it’s unavoidable, most people want something to munch on while watching a movie, but it’s the unwrapping the food that makes me want to scream my lungs out, especially when some people do it when the characters in the movie only talk; no BGM, no action scene, just plain talking. And then you hear a plastic being unwrapped as long as a character’s dialog. It’s just freakin’ annoying!

4.   The stupid parents who take their kids to a movie that has no appeal to kids; like TWILIGHT – where are the baby sitters when you need them?! Yes, I was watching Eclipse with my husband (again) and about 10 minutes before the movie began, 4 women came in, ushering 3 kids, about 5 to 8 years old. Then the alarm in my head went off again like crazy. Those kids are already fans of the movie? Seriously?! I didn’t think so. Twenty minutes into the movie the kids were already restless, asking questions that doesn’t have anything to do with the movie – and yeah, it’s pretty annoying, those are 3 kids! 3 restless kids who were forced to go with their parents to watch vampire sparkle in the sunlight. Great.

5.   The old man who didn’t have manners – This only happened last week, when I watched another movie with my mother in law and my husband (I think I see a pattern here) and almost halfway through the movie, we heard a cell phone ringing loudly. My mother in law and I looked to our left and then this old man actually answered the call, inside the movie house, while the movie was playing. And what’s worse, he was very loud!!! This happened twice!!! He was almost yelling on the phone while everyone was so distracted and annoyed and angered! He kept saying loudly “I’m watching a movie right now!” on his cell phone, I wanted to yell, “us too!” Where are your manners old man?!

6.   Stop comparing the movie to the book! And shut up! – Yes, all your friends know you’ve read the whole TWILIGHT saga books but you don’t have to compare every little detail in the book that was not in the movie. And yeah, this MAN kept on talking even when his friends were not asking him for his opinion. He’d go like ‘in the book, Bella did this…etc.’ and ‘…they cut the part where the vampires did blah blah…the book is really much better.’ Just shut the hell up!


I know, I know…watching a movie comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Like I said, everyone’s different. Some are just really inconsiderate. But I think it’s unfair that we paid a couple of bucks to see a movie and be annoyed rather than enjoy the experience. There should be movie house cops to arrest annoying people inside the movie house. Yes, I said ARREST. In my world, this is true.

Do you have any bad experiences while watching a movie?