I’ve been watching past episodes of Bizaare Foods with Andrew Zimmern and I happened to watch one episode where he was in the Philippines. I just realized,  I’m familiar with all the foods he sampled but I can only eat three of those foods.

the yellow part is the yolk (on the right side), the black middle part is the duck embryo and the white part (on the left) well, you don't eat that, it's really hard!

First one he ate was the balut – a steamed, fertilized duck’s egg. Take note that some countries in Southeast Asia eat this too, although they have a different name for it. Yes, I eat balut, but only the yolk and the juice in the egg (or in a more scientific term, the amniotic fluid). I could not, would not and WILL not eat the duck embryo. I simply can’t! Although he called the juice from the egg ‘funky’, it’s something that I can drink/sip because for me, it tastes great, especially if it’s still warm. The yolk, well, tastes mostly like a hardboiled egg only with a lot of veins and I prefer to eat it with a bit of salt; although some people prefer vinegar with it. I can’t say that I admire Andrew for eating the whole thing; we all know he has a taste for unusual foods, but it’s really something to watch a foreigner eat a local delicacy.

Shrimp pancakes or shrimp fritters

The other food he sampled was ‘okoy’, or small shrimps mixed in batter and then deep fried, shrimp pancakes in short. In the show, he called it ‘pulutan’ or finger foods eaten while drinking beer or any alcoholic beverages. Yes, some people make pulutan out of it but I eat it with rice. Of course there has to be rice! Some people add diced tofu and mongo sprouts to the batter, or sometimes, julienned squash. Whatever, as long as it is fried to a crispy perfection and then served with vinegar mixed with soy sauce and some chili, then you’re good to go – but do not ever forget the rice!

Another food he sampled and totally FREAKED him out was the ‘street ice cream’ or what is usually called ‘sorbetes’. Sorbetes has different flavors – chocolate, mango, ube (purple yam), cheese, strawberry etc…for someone who has eaten innards of different mammals, beating snake and frog hearts and even drank the fresh blood of a cow, I could not believe he called sorbetes ‘frozen butter on a bun’! And what really freaked him out is that it was be served in a hamburger bun. I for one do not eat sorbetes on a hamburger bun (I’m not a fan of breads) but it was something that’s been done ever since I can remember.

Would you like to have your sorbetes on a cone, a cup or in a hamburger bun?

For the rest of the show, Andrew featured some foods (street foods even) that I don’t really eat and WILL not eat at all. Yeah, I’m a stranger to my own country when it comes to bizaare foods (heck, I can’t even eat liver!) but we all have own ‘tastes’. If he liked weird foods, then good for him. But I will continue watching this show, no doubt about it.