This term has been circulating the net (well, maybe in Korea only) as the expensive sedan that killed a dog. No, it did not run over the poor dog, I’ll just let the picture explain everything.

The story behind this was, according to the car owner, the beagle was given to him and because he didn’t want the interior of his expensive car ruined, he decided to put the dog in the trunk, and tied the leash somewhere inside. Because he thought the dog would have difficulty breathing if he closed the trunk, he left it open partly. The car owner said the dog probably got out when the car stopped and got dragged and died eventually.

That was his excuse – and the police never charged him of anything. He was ruled innocent actually. But this was clearly animal abuse. These kind of people should not be given any kind of animal to take care of. Clearly the car is more important to him than the dog’s life. If this happened in the US he’s facing animal abuse charges already. If this happened in my world, he’d get arrested and as punishment, the same thing would be done to him. Tie him up by the neck and let his Hyundai Equus drag him for miles.

Another picture below is taken in the Philippines, where a concerned citizen took a picture of this poor dog and reported the vehicle to the police – it didn’t take long before the police found the vehicle with the dog still in the same condition.  Sadly the police simply let the SUV owner go – how brainless of them.

No one knows where this dog is now...

The person who owned the vehicle had a cheap excuse – his SUV was already crowded inside and that the dog was supposed to be used for breeding purposes. Come on! Who are you kidding here? The SUV owner is just another ‘animal’ who cares for his precious car more than he cared for the dog. And ‘breeding purposes’?! If you’re a breeder you wouldn’t tie a piece of plastic string to a dog’s muzzle, put it in a sack and hang it behind an SUV! My guess is as good as everyone’s – the dog would be killed for its meat.

Yes, in the Philippines (I’m not saying that everyone eats dog meat) but it is known that dog meat is consumed mostly as ‘pulutan’ or food that is eaten while drinking any type of alcoholic beverage. This is considered animal cruelty under Republic Act 8495 or the Animal Welfare Act. Sadly, there are a lot of people that are unaware that this law actually exists and they continue to eat dog meat. As far as I know, there is only one person, the first person who suffered the very light penalty of this law and he is Joseph Carlo Candare – the cat serial killer. He was caught ONLY because he posted everything he did in his blog and caused an uproar with animal rights activists and even caught on with the media. His punishment? A P2,000 fine (around $47) and a two month volunteer work at PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) and that’s it.  Nothing more.

 There is a lack of a definite law that will make animal abusers tremble in the Philippines, I can’t say if this is true in other countries as well, especially in China, where there are restaurants that advertise dog meat as their specialty. But to the devil Equus owner – you should be punished the same way your dog has suffered. You are one heartless idiot who shouldn’t be around animals. I hope you rot in hell for what you did.