Yesterday, my mother pointed out a very peculiar spider in her garden. She called my attention repeatedly so I had no choice but to look at it for a mere second before I cringed and walked as fast as I can inside the house.  It was a spider I’ve never seen before; it was colorful, with a green body and yellow markings on its abdomen, as well as yellow bands on its legs.  It’s position on its web is just like a letter ‘X’ and looked like it only had four legs and it had a unique web too.

Today, my husband took a picture of it and we decided to identify what kind of spider it was with the help of the internet, we needed to make sure if it was poisonous or not.  If we’re correct, this is a specie of a St. Andrews cross spider, from the genus Argiope and has 76 species.

If anyone knows what particular specie of St. Andrews cross spider this is, please do comment and share your knowledge, it will really be appreciated.

St. Andrews cross spider


Another shot – notice the zigzag lines made on the web? A very unique webbing for this spider…


No, I did NOT take these pictures – my husband did

Yes, I am scared – terrified of spiders. It took a lot for me to look at these pictures and write about it.  I had to keep telling myself that this is just a picture and not the real thing…