What in the world were they thinking when they came up with this idea?

Last June 27, 2012 KFC (Philippines) launched their new product “Streetwise Cheese Top Burger”. A what now?! If the food chain aims at uniqueness of their burger products then this one might just win – JUST because the cheese is on top of the bun, and only because of that and nothing else. Okay, so I take that back – there’s really  nothing special with this burger!

Seriously folks, what else is new with this burger? It has the chicken burger patty – just like any other chicken burger, it has the garlic parmesan dressing – just like any other burger that’s supposed to have a dressing and cheese – just like any other burger – they just placed it on TOP; nothing really special about it. It’s just going to be one messy meal. It doesn’t even come with lettuce or pickles or tomatoes…well, what do you expect from a P50 meal (around $1.17)? It does come with a drink – I’m just not sure if it’s a 16oz or a 12oz drink, but knowing it’s in the Philippines, expect the smallest serving size you can get.

There is really nothing special with this new product from KFC. It’s nothing to get all excited about, really. Putting the cheese on top of the bun will not attract more customers >_< But is it early to say that this is an epic failure from KFC? We’ll see…