This is the world’s most expensive dog, a 180lb, 11-month old, rare, red Tibetan Mastiff named Hong Dong (Big Splash in English) purchased by a coal industrialist in China for a whopping $1.5M! This breed is thought to be among the oldest in the world.

How’d you get so expensive?

Okay, so I guess the ‘desire’ to have this dog breed is OUT of the question. This is also a rare breed here and sadly, not everyone is familiar with it. I checked online (there are really a few) if there are any for sale here and the highest price I found was for P295,000 (around $7,024)  – a  female, rare ‘golden red’ color Tibetan Mastiff. The other prices? They don’t go below P150,000 (around $3572). All the sellers claim the dogs were imported from China. Even so, I am not willing to spend that big amount of money even if I do have it.

Just imagine – $1.5M could have been used to save other dogs in need; those in shelters and especially the ones in the puppy mills.