I’ve found many people dressing up weirdly in malls, walking on the streets in broad daylight, walking in heels while wearing long sleeves at the beach – I just give them a quick glance and then look at the other direction. But this one, this is one oddity that I can’t help but write about.

Aside from fake food products, ranging from fake chicken eggs, pork, lettuce, dried seaweed, etc…(who knows what else these people might be faking using chemicals?) and melamine tainted formula milks, the Chinese people have created a new ‘fashion trend’ – drum roll please! The FACEKINI!

What the…I don’t know how else to describe this.

And here I thought walking in heels at the beach was weird, here is another weird scary fashion trend that’s a latest beach craze in China. Obviously, there are no fashion police there. This is one thing that I can’t just shut up about. I mean, the facekini is for those people who don’t want a tan on their faces, but what about the other parts of their body that are exposed to the sun? Hmm…perfectly porcelain white face but tanned arms? There is laughing inside my head now.

at the beach, all covered up and scared to get a tan? I’ve got 2 words for you: night swimming

Anyway, there would always be bizarre things people in every part of the world. I just couldn’t imagine myself swimming at the beach and someone wearing a facekini emerges from the water beside me – I might just scream.

definitely no fashion police

Where are the fashion police when you need them?!