As a first time mom, Chibi has no idea on how to nurse her newborn pup.


This morning, Chibi gave birth to two puppies. Unfortunately, the first puppy which came out was stillborn.  The second one came out almost an hour later. Good thing my mom saw the poor pup hanging halfway out from Chibi, we had to ask my mom’s friend to pull the puppy out – Chibi seemed too tired to push her puppy out, and bringing her to the vet would take more time.  And here we thought Chibi had to undergo a caesarian procedure because the vet said that since Pom is a bit big, Chibi’s puppies might be too big as well. Luckily, Chibi had a normal delivery.





Pom-pom is the pup’s father, he is a cream colored Pomeranian while Chibi is red, we are wondering why the puppy is parti-colored. But I guess that happens…both puppy and mother are doing fine now 😀

We had to hold Chibi while she nurses her pup or else she’ll stand up.


A parti-colored pup? Now, how’d that happen? Hmmm…


We’re still thinking of a puppy name – it’s a boy! 😀 Any suggestions?