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kimbapPressed for time and ingredients, I rummaged through the fridge with whatever I can use so I can fix my husband lunch before he goes to work that day – and I came up with spinach, a carrot, mayonnaise. Going through the cupboard, I got a can of tuna, sesame seeds and nori sheets. Rice was just about ready in the rice cooker. Why not kimbap?

I simply mixed about 2 tbsp of mayonnaise to the tuna (drained) and added pepper  (and salt, if you prefer). Blanched the spinach, squeezed the leaves and added some soy sauce and sesame oil and stir fried the julienned carrots. For the steamed rice, I added sesame oil and sesame seeds. Yeah, I know…I forgot the eggs. But even without eggs the kimbap tasted great. I guess this is as healthy as it can get, kimbap with vegetables 🙂

Rummaging through the fridge for the last time, I found the left over pasta my husband cooked last night. I honestly don’t know what to call this pasta dish, this is pasta sautéed in garlic and onion, with oyster sauce and chili oil – I used Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow chili oil (for that ‘kick’). This was actually another one of my ideas in the kitchen, I’ll try to post the recipe one of these days.



Did this in a rush...

Did this in a rush…

Really, who has the ‘time’ to put nail polish when you have a 7 month old baby boy? Everything you do, from eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner) tidying up the house, going to the bathroom…yeah, I now drink my coffee like water but it never seemed enough to perk me up in the morning. I never had a normal sleep ever since I gave birth.

But enough about that, I’m not complaining; I just want to point out that when you have a baby, you learn to do everything in a rush but with precision; and multitasking is a MUST! Like what I did here – I finally got to put on nail polish (again, in a rush) while my baby slept. I got my nails done in 20 minutes, tops. Believe me, you don’t want a wet nail polish on your nails and your baby wakes up, hehe!

I used local brands here, I only used two nail polish, Frosted White for the French tip and glitter nail polish with a pinkish shade. Uh, sorry…no base coat – in a hurry, remember?

To quickly do the French tip, I used tape. Yes, tape. I simply placed it below the white part of my nails and began putting on the frosted white nail polish. After that, when the nail polish is semi-dry, I carefully removed the tape. Then I put on the glitter nail polish. Hmm, no top coat either, but the glitter nail polish does the job of looking like my nails has a top coat, right? I’m not expecting the nail polish to last long, after all, doing housework can simply shorten the life of the nail polish. At least I have pretty nails to show off even for a short time.


An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…if only we can do the same thing to those ‘animals’, (and when I say ‘animal’ I’m referring to a human being who facilitates ‘trunking’) put them in a car trunk and let them fight to the death, if they don’t, let the dogs attack them.

TRUNKING is a new trend in illegal dog fighting and is gaining popularity in Florida, USA, but who knows where else? People put two dogs in a car trunk and for 15 minutes, while the car stereo is at full blast, the driver goes on a joyride with the two dogs inside the car trunk, fighting to the death. The dog that is dead or most injured after 15 minutes is thrown away.

Sad, but true. People are doing this now. It’s such an ugly truth. Even if you’re not a dog lover, just the thought of two dogs killing each other to please their master and most of all, survival is just plain horrible, disgusting and sick! I can use every adjective in the dictionary to describe this terrible act but doesn’t make it any better.

I’ve signed an online petition to Florida’s governor to help stop this crime. I hope you do your part as well, maybe not as an animal lover but as a human being. Please click on the link below if you want to sign the petition. All that’s needed is your name and your email address.


yesung6Okay, so Yesung has finally began his two year mandatory military service, I wonder who’s next in Super Junior?


         I’ve always thought baking is a science; there should be perfect measurement of ingredients as well as exact temperature needed to bake even the most simple pastries. I guess you can call me OC when it comes to baking, I’d throw a fit if you don’t follow baking instructions to a T. Although I did not throw a fit when my mom and I baked a ‘chiffon’ cake, my patience was running dangerously low. Why? Well, this is what she said while we were making the cake batter: “That will do, put it all in now.” That’s what she said when I was measuring cups of flour, I haven’t even leveled it to an exact one cup! “Is the oven on? Put the cake pans in, now.” What?! No pre-heating the oven?

          Honestly, there were a lot of things I needed to explain to my mom when it comes to baking. And she wasn’t listening. All she did was to apply her own cooking principle – always in a rush and her mantra ‘that will do.’ And it does NOT work with baking! I could only imagine if I left her alone to bake a cake, the results would be a disaster, like our chiffon cake. I bet my mom wouldn’t use the measuring spoons and do the ‘a pinch of this and that’. Argh!

          And our chiffon cake? It was a definite disaster. It didn’t fully rise up, it wasn’t fluffy, and it was like rubber. Yeah, I have no idea how the cake got to a rubber like consistency but I wouldn’t be surprised because my mom has something to do with it.

          So, lesson learned… I will never bake with my mom again.


A very tasty yet simple Korean dish

A very tasty yet simple Korean dish

Know how to fry scrambled eggs? Like seaweed (the black, paper thin wrap used in maki)? Then this simple Korean recipe might just be the perfect dish to get you to start cooking Korean food.

          It’s called 김계란 말이  (Kimgyeran mari) or rolled eggs and seaweed.  All you would need are oil, 2 eggs, salt and pepper to taste and seaweed or laver. It’s just like frying scrambled eggs but this time you have to add the seaweed and roll the egg instead of turning it over, oh and cook it in low flame. Before rolling the egg, you have to make sure the other side is cooked enough so it will not break.

          This can be cooked in a non-stick pan, but I still wiped a bit of cooking oil before I started frying the egg.

Recipe from Aeriskitchen from Youtube. (I only added the salt and pepper, (my version). Video down below.

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