I’ve always thought baking is a science; there should be perfect measurement of ingredients as well as exact temperature needed to bake even the most simple pastries. I guess you can call me OC when it comes to baking, I’d throw a fit if you don’t follow baking instructions to a T. Although I did not throw a fit when my mom and I baked a ‘chiffon’ cake, my patience was running dangerously low. Why? Well, this is what she said while we were making the cake batter: “That will do, put it all in now.” That’s what she said when I was measuring cups of flour, I haven’t even leveled it to an exact one cup! “Is the oven on? Put the cake pans in, now.” What?! No pre-heating the oven?

          Honestly, there were a lot of things I needed to explain to my mom when it comes to baking. And she wasn’t listening. All she did was to apply her own cooking principle – always in a rush and her mantra ‘that will do.’ And it does NOT work with baking! I could only imagine if I left her alone to bake a cake, the results would be a disaster, like our chiffon cake. I bet my mom wouldn’t use the measuring spoons and do the ‘a pinch of this and that’. Argh!

          And our chiffon cake? It was a definite disaster. It didn’t fully rise up, it wasn’t fluffy, and it was like rubber. Yeah, I have no idea how the cake got to a rubber like consistency but I wouldn’t be surprised because my mom has something to do with it.

          So, lesson learned… I will never bake with my mom again.