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When my son turned six months old, I decided to bake milkshake cupcakes, a recipe by Laura Vitale. She has a Youtube channel, right here and a website full of her recipes. Check out the link to her Shamrock milkshake cupcakes recipe if you’d like to have the recipe for the mint frosting. Anyway, instead of making mint flavored frosting, I made chocolate frosting but went a little overboard – I added chocolate mallows on top, even decorated it with frosting. I know, sugar overload but it was a lot of fun doing this.

milkshake cupcake overload 2

Check out the recipe below:

1 cup Granulated Sugar
¼ cup of Unsalted Butter, softened at room Temperature
¼ cup of Vegetable oil
2 Eggs
1 Envelope of Vanillina or 2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
1 Package of Pandegliangeli or 2 tsp of Baking Powder
1/8 tsp Salt
1 1/3 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/3 Cup Whole Milk


1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line your cupcake tin with liners and set aside.

2) In a small bowl, mix together the flour, salt, vanillina and pandegliangeli, set aside.

3) In a mixing bowl fitted with a paddle attachment, cream together the sugar, oil and butter. Add the eggs and cream together until you get a smooth mixture. Add the dry ingredients and with the speed on low mix together and slowly add the milk and just mix everything to combine. DO NOT OVERMIX! Make sure you give everything a good stir with a spatula from the bottom to incorporate any bit that wasn’t mixed.

4) Scoop the batter into your lined cupcake tin, make sure it’s only filled ¾ of the way up because they will rise. Bake for 20 minutes and let cool for about 45 minutes before frosting.

The recipe makes 12 cupcakes.

To make the chocolate frosting, please check out My Basic Vanilla Cupcake post. Just add a few teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder to the frosting until desired chocolate taste is achieved 🙂

Like I said, I didn’t make the mint frosting, because I’m not a fan of anything sweet + mint, like choco mint candies, mint cookies etc.. For me, it just tastes weird. But anyway, the cupcakes turned out great, it was a hit with the family and I will make more of this in the future, maybe for my son’s first birthday party. I could just imagine kids (and adults) on sugar high already…uh-oh!



Radish salad (side dish)

Radish salad (side dish)

A salad /side dish recipe? Yeah, you read that right. This is a Filipino side dish, “ensaladang” is a borrowed Spanish word meaning salad and “labanos” is simply radish. Although the name of the dish means salad, it is a side dish, a perfect partner for fried seafood or pork.

My grandmother made this all the time when I was in grade school. It’s another one of the recipes that she never taught me or my mom to make. Usually, when she’s in the kitchen, i’d be watching her prepare the ingredients and would ask her if I can help, and grandma will always send me away. She doesn’t like anyone messing with her ‘kitchen’. That’s why, until she passed away, she never taught anyone the recipe(s) she knew!

Oh well, decades later, when I can safely say that I can handle myself inside the kitchen (now I know how my grandma feels when someone is ‘bothering’ her while cooking, haha!) I finally made my grandma’s ‘Ensaladang labanos’! And it’s just how it tasted exactly the first time she asked me to try it out, years and years and years ago. So here’s the recipe:


1 1/2 cups radish, sliced into strips

2 small tomatoes, cut into chunks

1 small onion, sliced thinly

1/3 cup vinegar (or less, depends on how much you want to use)

1/8 cup rock salt


1. Combine salt and radish strips and set aside for about 20 to 30 minutes. (The salting process removes the bitter taste of the radish).

2. After 30 minutes, the salted radish can now be squeezed to death (haha!) Wash the squeezed radish strips with water and drain water, or you can squeeze again, not too much this time.

3. In a glass jar or plastic container, combine the radish strips, tomatoes, onion and vinegar.

4. Serve with any kind of fried seafood or pork.

You might think that this will have a strong sour taste, but no. There is a hint of onion flavor as well as the tomato; and the crunch of the radish is just perfect if you’re looking for that certain texture in food.

This side dish can be stored in the fridge and can last for more than a week.

NEW RECIPE SOON – insalata, ensalada, salad, etc… :)

New recipe coming soon, still finding the time to  write the blog though. Just dropped in for a quick post.

MY BASIC VANILLA CUPCAKE (with buttercream frosting) RECIPE

My vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting

My vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting

This is the recipe I used when I baked my very first cupcake years ago and it was a success. This is a no fuss, not too sweet, perfect with a frosting, ‘even kids can make this’ recipe. I found myself baking this more than a dozen times now, adding different ingredients, from peanuts, walnuts, chocolate chips and Oreo cookies. I’m not bragging but each cupcake comes out perfect each time. So I’m going to stop here now and share the ingredients with you.

              1 cup flour

              1 cup granulated sugar

              1    cup unsalted butter (room temperature)

              1 tsp vanilla

              1 tsp baking powder

              4    eggs (you can add an egg or two if you want your cupcake fluffy)

Pre-heat your oven to 350F and mix all the dry ingredients together – the flour, sugar and baking powder. You can now add the eggs, unsalted butter and vanilla. You can mix this using an electric hand mixer or a wire whisk. Personally, I like using an electric hand mixer because it saves me a lot of time. Mix until there are no more lumps of flour, and you can now scoop away to your cupcake liners. Bake for 20 minutes.

My technique – just dump everything together and mix away. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like it will produce a perfect cupcake but trust me, I’ve done this since the first time I baked and it worked just fine.

The recipe above will make 1 ½ dozen cupcakes.

Someone suggested I use ½ cup vanilla sugar and ½ cup granulated sugar to enhance the vanilla flavor. I haven’t done this yet, but feel free to do so.


I’ve always made fondant (although I really don’t like eating it) – just because making a frosting intimidated me. I just wish I tried making this years ago, because now, I’m having fun frosting cupcakes using different piping tips!

And here are the ingredients for my frosting recipe:

      1 ½ cups confectioner’s sugar

      ½ cup butter (room temperature)

      2    tbsp milk

      Food color is optional

And that’s it! Those are the only ingredients for the frosting.

First step is to cream the butter – I highly suggest you use an electric hand mixer, beat the butter like crazy until it is pale yellow in color :).  Next step is to gradually add the confectioner’s sugar. Never, ever dump the whole thing in, you don’t want your kitchen to be covered in sweet, white dust! Add milk little by little or until the frosting is not too dry, but not to runny. A perfect frosting will hold its shape once it is piped.

Just a reminder, never frost a cupcake while it is still hot. It will melt the frosting.

I will try to post the variations I made with this recipe, sooooooon!


Crispy silken tofu

Crispy silken tofu, this might look like chicken nuggets, but this one is healthier

I did one of my experiments in the kitchen again! This time, I used the left over silken tofu from the budae jigae (Korean army base soup)I cooked for dinner last time. I guess this can be called crispy silken tofu. Pat dry the tofu with a paper towel and slice into bite size pieces, (think mini chicken nuggets), dredge  in flour, dip into beaten egg, drop it into a bowlful of panko bread crumbs and deep fry until golden brown.

It’s crispy outside but really soft inside. But since this is tofu, it will taste bland so I would suggest make a dipping sauce. The one I made was soy sauce and vinegar mixture, with a bit of chili oil for the kick. I recommend eating this with kimchi and steamed rice 🙂


kimbapPressed for time and ingredients, I rummaged through the fridge with whatever I can use so I can fix my husband lunch before he goes to work that day – and I came up with spinach, a carrot, mayonnaise. Going through the cupboard, I got a can of tuna, sesame seeds and nori sheets. Rice was just about ready in the rice cooker. Why not kimbap?

I simply mixed about 2 tbsp of mayonnaise to the tuna (drained) and added pepper  (and salt, if you prefer). Blanched the spinach, squeezed the leaves and added some soy sauce and sesame oil and stir fried the julienned carrots. For the steamed rice, I added sesame oil and sesame seeds. Yeah, I know…I forgot the eggs. But even without eggs the kimbap tasted great. I guess this is as healthy as it can get, kimbap with vegetables 🙂

Rummaging through the fridge for the last time, I found the left over pasta my husband cooked last night. I honestly don’t know what to call this pasta dish, this is pasta sautéed in garlic and onion, with oyster sauce and chili oil – I used Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow chili oil (for that ‘kick’). This was actually another one of my ideas in the kitchen, I’ll try to post the recipe one of these days.


A very tasty yet simple Korean dish

A very tasty yet simple Korean dish

Know how to fry scrambled eggs? Like seaweed (the black, paper thin wrap used in maki)? Then this simple Korean recipe might just be the perfect dish to get you to start cooking Korean food.

          It’s called 김계란 말이  (Kimgyeran mari) or rolled eggs and seaweed.  All you would need are oil, 2 eggs, salt and pepper to taste and seaweed or laver. It’s just like frying scrambled eggs but this time you have to add the seaweed and roll the egg instead of turning it over, oh and cook it in low flame. Before rolling the egg, you have to make sure the other side is cooked enough so it will not break.

          This can be cooked in a non-stick pan, but I still wiped a bit of cooking oil before I started frying the egg.

Recipe from Aeriskitchen from Youtube. (I only added the salt and pepper, (my version). Video down below.

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